The untold truth of AI

When he took on the role of David in AI, Hayley Joel Osment was in hot lane as a child actor thanks to his lead role in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense. This film, which was only 13 years old when AI hit theaters, was another indication of just how much Osment was in demand by some of the biggest directors on the planet. In the years since AI, Osment has retained constantly busy with roles in various films, television shows and video games. However, even with so many different projects under his belt, Osment still considers AI to be an incredibly special entry in his filmography.

Conversation with In 2020, Osment noted that there are many aspects of “AI artificial intelligence” that he is proud of, including that his approach to technology will become more and more relevant as the world becomes increasingly dominated by everything computerized. . “I’m really proud of the emotional consequences … of creating something and the responsibility that you have for what you created, even if it’s not a person,” Osment recalled. “It’s a question that we explored during the making of the film, and now as a viewer I think about it all the time.” Given his fascination with the film’s main themes, it’s no wonder Osment considers AI to be one of the greatest films he’s starred in.

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