The untold truth of Billy Madison

We lost a great one when Norm MacDonald recently passed away. This man understood comedy better than most, and he had a special kind of humor that just worked – provided you understood it. This made him the obvious co-star for any Sandler car, with the pair starring in several projects and maintaining a long-term friendship that lasted until McDonald’s death in September 2021.

However, their greatest collaboration remains “Billy Madison”, where McDonald made a cameo appearance as one of Billy’s slackers who spends too much time getting drunk by the pool. Sandler recalled the experience on “conan,” with McDonald (and a few of his comedian buddies) throwing in his own colorful commentary for good measure. Apparently, in one of the pool scenes scattered throughout Billy Madison, Sandler’s character is supposed to be talking to McDonald’s character, Frank. Sandler said his line and was surprised when MacDonald remained silent. “Ole Norm likes to take his time,” Sandler joked. “Maybe he’s delving into it … after a few more seconds, I noticed that Ole Norm was sleeping.”

“Well,” McDonald chimed in, “they wanted me to pretend to be drunk, and I said, ‘Do you have any drinks?’ But he also called me Frank, and I thought, “Who… is Frank?” Only Norm MacDonald got away with it.

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