The Vegas scenes that sometimes baffled Mandeep Dhillon

According to a recent interview, Mandeep Dillon was with In Creative Company, the montage scenes from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Vegas” are sometimes the most intricate and challenging for her during filming. Dillon explained that when actors are assigned to do something for a montage sequence, it can happen at random times and take place on a separate set. So the tricky part is knowing how to render a frame based on the scene it’s in. “Yeah, but while it’s really funny because when we do it, sometimes it’s on a separate device and so you’re literally standing there and you’re not on set anymore, you’re in this tiny little thing,” Dillon said. “And you’re like, ‘Wait, what episode is this?'” she continued.

Dillon also noted that she then found it difficult to wait and try to set herself up for another specific episode, because the filming schedule calls for random episodes that are often out of order. Montages are often an important part of crime shows like CSI: Vegas. They show specific aspects of what the team is doing, and with a crime scene unit it’s always interesting to get up close and personal with the science and tools used to solve a case. In fact, Dillon says he sees science as a different character. “But I think that props and science are a separate character of the show,” she said.

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