‘The View’ hosts call Ted Cruz ‘creepy and disgusting’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was angry after commenting on Pete Davidson’s past relationship.

People scold him for being disrespectful.

Here’s the full story…

Now, even though Ted Cruz is a Senator from Texas…

He incredible controversial person.

Although he failed to run for president in 2016 following Donald Trump, Cruz has had a very successful career in US government and politics…

And the Republican has made a name for himself with his right-wing views and hot and cold relationship with Trump throughout his controversial presidency.

But he’s also made a rather tarnished name for himself over the years with some very eye-opening moves and opinions.

Cruz is not only an ardent supporter of the NRA, but he is now also a very loyal Trump supporter who rallied around the despised former US president when Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

And when it came to the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill, the senator was slammed for “spreading” false allegations of electoral fraud that caused thousands of Trump supporters to invade a frightened political building that day.

Things then got worse for Cruz when Texas experienced a “big freeze” last January…

And as thousands of families suffered from a lack of electricity and running water in sub-zero temperatures, Cruz instead packed his bags and boarded a plane with his family bound for Cancun, Mexico.

The people of Texas were, to put it mildly, furious with their senator…

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And while Cruise hurried back to Texas and issued a half-hearted apology, the damage was done.

Cruz’s reputation has been seriously mired in the past few months…

And now it looks like he’s taken another dubious step after commenting on Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriends.

Speaking on my podcast Verdict with Ted CruzThe senator spoke about how shocked he was that Pete Davidson dated so many “hot women.”

On the example of his ex Kate Beckinsale.

And View The hosts quickly picked up on his comments, calling Cruise “Creepy and Disgusting”.

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Whoopi Goldberg brought Cruise’s wife into the conversation before playing a short excerpt from her podcast.

“Heidi Cruz, that’s two,” Goldberg announced. “This is the second time he’s just not paying attention to what you might be feeling.”

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Cruz can be heard asking his co-host Michael Knowles, “Pete Davidson, okay. How is it that this dude is getting all these hot women? talking about Beckinsale, who dated Pete in 2019.

“You say UnderworldYou’re talking about a super hot vampire in a black leather coat, and you are, right? This SNL dude? Like, wow.”

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After listening to the clip, co-host Ana Navarro said, “This is driving me crazy, can I just tell you? It’s so creepy and so disgusting. So he might want to say, “How come this dude SNL“I want to know why this dude is a US senator, hosts a podcast and trolls on Twitter so much time? I mean, does he think he will become a leader by being a social media influencer?”

Sunny Hostin clearly agreed with her comments, saying, “Honestly, I don’t understand why he has a podcast talking about stuff like this.”

Joy Behar then satirized Cruise’s obvious “fantasies”.

“I don’t understand why he’s fantasizing about going to Cancun with Kate Beckinsale,” Behar said. “Because it’s really — at night he has these fantasies about her in this skin. There’s a little sadomasochism going on.”

Navarro replied, “Oh, for God’s sake. Whiten my mind. I would like to erase this image!”

Behar added: “The reason women like Pete Davidson is because he’s funny. Ted Cruz, you’re funny because people laugh at you. Pete Davidson, people laugh with him.”

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Then she turned to the senator with the words: “By the way, Ted Cruz has been advocating for the criminalization of abortion for a long time. I don’t think it turns women on, Teddy.

You can watch the full clip here.

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