‘The Walking Dead’ fans are thankful this aspect of the comics isn’t on TV

Given that The Walking Dead is about violence and death, over the years the series has become quite graphic, both with the living and the undead. However, most of the time it turned out to be relatively boring compared to The Walking Dead comics, which, as noted by u/OhmyMary on Reddit took things to the extreme from time to time. In their post, they attach pictures of panels showing the dastardly governor brutally murdering infant Judith Grimes as well as her mother Lori. They, along with several other Reddit users, expressed their appreciation for the show’s refraining from televising such acts of violence.

Speaking specifically on the example of Judith, not everyone was happy that the series did not dare to follow in the footsteps of comics. Unsurprisingly, one of the most vocal about the situation was Robert Kirkman himself, who revealed that he had unsuccessfully tried several times to cause her death on television. “I’ve talked about Judith’s death so many times it’s not even funny,” he said at a 2018 New York Comic-Con panel (via ComicBook.com), but he has since come to the conclusion that the program is using it. Kirkman praised the way the minds behind him portrayed the adult Judith (played by Caylee Fleming) and admitted he was pleased with the departure from his comics.

After all, AMC’s The Walking Dead isn’t for the faint of heart, with decapitations and blood spatter galore. However, let’s all remember and be thankful that this didn’t go as far as the comics.

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