“The way the nurse talked to me after I fired my doctor for AITA?”

Who has the greatest impact on a company’s business results? Of course, the CEO, the board members, the decision makers… this is all true, and a mistake at this level of management can be very costly. But people often underestimate the negative impact it can have on individual frontline workers.

Just imagine – a company has a great brand, provides a great product or service to customers, all business processes are perfectly smooth… but a typical employee’s dismissive behavior towards customers completely destroys the brand image. Can destroy, and even scare away loyal customers. .

Similar story As a redditor recently pointed out. in the AITA community, and the original post received approximately 10.9K votes and 1.1K distinct comments. This story is about how just one employee’s inappropriate behavior cost the company an old client.

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The original poster came with her cat to a vet’s clinic for a routine check-up.

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So, the original poster had an insurance contract with the veterinary clinic for his cat. The contract also included a regular checkup every 6 months, and all was well until the OP came in with her pet for another checkup at 12pm.

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The nurse came out of the office and told the girl at the front desk that all the doctors had gone on their lunch break.

In the reception area, apart from the OP and her cat, there was one other guest, as well as a girl at the front desk. At one point, a nurse came out of the office and addressed the girl at the front desk: “Hey, just a heads up, everyone’s gone on their lunch break, just so you know…”

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The OP was concerned about this but the nurse bluntly told her that she was not interested in the conversation

The OP approached the nurse, asking if she should come in later, to which she coldly replied: “That conversation is none of your business.” OP was surprised and just said he was worried about his cat and wished he didn’t have to wait in line like he was promised. The nurse then muttered that her conversation with the girl in reception had nothing to do with the OP, and went back to the office.

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Upon returning to the office, the nurse started trashing the OP in front of the other nurses

Before the door closed, the OP recalls hearing the nurse begin to trash her in front of her colleagues, laughingly calling her “the crazy lady with the cat in front.” Of course, the OP was angry and wouldn’t want someone like that participating in her cat’s checkup.

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OP asked the girl at the front desk for the manager’s phone number. The girl hesitantly handed him the business card. The OP dialed the number listed there… and the phone on the front desk rang. The girl held it and looked embarrassed. When the OP asked him directly if it was the manager’s number or the store’s, he replied that it was the store.

Finally, the girl at the front desk admitted that the OP would have to wait at least an hour.

Meanwhile, the OP’s cat started screaming in her carrier, so the owner simply asked when the vet could see her. The girl replied that everyone had left for lunch so they would have to wait at least an hour. So, as the OP stated, the nurse was not only rude, but also lied.

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In general, the OP was rightfully angry, left the clinic and decided to break the contract with them. When she called her mother for advice, she agreed it wasn’t worth going back, but said her daughter shouldn’t have threatened to complain like Karen had.

People in the comments supported the OP and advised him to write a critical review.

However, commenters unanimously supported the OP, arguing that he did everything right. Moreover, almost everyone in the comments not only supported the idea of ​​complaining but also suggested writing a review so that other current and potential customers know what kind of clinic it is and what kind of employees work there. .

Also, one of the commenters noticed that the business itself seems suspicious – after all, 12pm is the norm for a lunch break, so maybe two nurses at the same time asked the OP. Lied, and also the employee who, at the time of the appointment, said it would be an in-house visit only. In other words, even if the clinic’s management made all the processes at a high level, the inappropriate behavior of the employees cast a deep shadow on the brand.

Well, what do you think about this story? You may also have experienced inappropriate employee behavior at different companies, so we’d be interested in hearing your own stories.

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