The Weird World of Disney – What We Know So Far

Disney has already released both the teaser and the trailer for Strange World.

teaser, released on June 6, 2022, mimicked old adventure movie trailers with energetic storytelling and bold title cards promising a “new movie event” and “a journey beyond the realm of possibility”. Among select shots of a vast, stunning alien planet, the narrator invited viewers to “travel through space and time to a place of endless mystery unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” Other than some small hints, the teaser was primarily focused on giving an idea of ​​the film’s visual brilliance.

Newly Released full trailer, meanwhile, tells us a lot more about the kind of story Strange World will tell. Opening with solemn music and screensavers with the question “Have you ever wondered what adventures await you outside of our world?”, the trailer describes a more or less clear dramatic plot. President Callisto Mal lands a plane on the Clayde farm and recruits him for the expedition, warning that “our whole world is in grave danger.” Seeker reluctantly agrees, despite his aversion to adventure. The team travels to the titular strange new planet, and once there, the Seeker is surprised to discover his father, Jaeger, who has been missing since the Seeker’s youth. As the expedition continues, Ethan seems to be struck by his grandfather’s adventurous spirit, bringing the Seeker’s deep-seated resentment back to the fore.

Will the Claydes be able to fix everything and save the world? Watch Weird World this Thanksgiving to find out.

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