The “What Josiah Saw” scene in which Scott Hayes and Robert Patrick “laughed all night”

Despite the unsettling nature of What Josiah Saw, the cast and crew kept a nonchalant attitude on set. Scott Hayes and Robert Patrick, who spend most of their screen time alone, Hayes said especially “have had a lot of fun” working together. But one moment stands out from the rest for the rising star.

There was a scene where the words to Robert felt like Shakespeare. There was a lot of “you” and “though” and “art,” Hayes said. – This scene was not included in the final film, but there is [shorter version] the scene I’m talking about. We laughed. Robert couldn’t understand it. He was tongue-tied in some words, which was fun. We laughed all night. This is the day I remember being the most fun.”

Moments like this helped solidify Hayes and Patrick as “friends for life,” Hayes said, adding, “I grew up watching him in one of my favorite movies of all time, Terminator 2. It was a really special time for us to be together… I call him Rip… He’s such a nice guy, such a brilliant actor. I loved working with him and like I said, we’ll be friends forever. “

What Josiah Saw is now streaming exclusively on Shudder.

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