The wildest and deadliest maneuver that Josh Harris never thought would work

The cast of “Deadly Catch” often have problems with crab pots. So, it’s understandable when Josh Harris and Cornelia Marie Co-Captain Casey McManus lose several crab pots in the Deadly Catch season 18 premiere. However, rather than write them off, Harris and McManus team up with the captain of the Time Bandit to retrieve their crab traps using a risky maneuver of connecting their two ships with lines of rocket launchers.

Around the time the episode premiered, Harris shared his version of how this maneuver failed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “On paper, they came up with this idea that looked really smart and simple. It wasn’t like that in real life,” Harris said. “But you know, everything worked out. Nobody died. No one’s hands were cut off.

Meanwhile, Harris revealed how the Deadly Catch crew made the operation more difficult by asking ship crews to change their behavior for filming. So, no matter what, Harris and company. successfully recovered their lost crab pots.

However, in an interview with Monsters and criticsHarris said he finds the most challenging part of his TV role to be the constant reminders of his father’s death, suggesting that the task of finding the crab trap may pale in comparison to some of the emotions he experienced while filming Deadly Catch. “

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