The woman asks if she’s a jerk for yelling at her niece that a teenage dog doesn’t compare to her child.

Losing a child is an immense pain that only those who have been through it can relate to because it is hard to understand what it means to lose a living part of yourself. It is unnatural for parents to outlive their children because their children have all the hopes of a beautiful life. To be happier, smarter and more successful than ever.

Reddit user AgreeableAffect7090 Lost her teenage daughter last year and is still deeply affected. His niece wanted to show him that she belonged, but the grieving mother criticized the teenager for comparing losing her daughter to a teenager losing his dog. Although she didn’t want to disturb her niece, she became worried after she screamed.

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A woman cries when her niece tells her she should have gotten over her daughter’s death by now and goes crazy when she tries to comfort her.

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The original poster (OP) had a teenage daughter who was 15 at the time of her death. He died after a car accident last year and the mother is still devastated. She has not touched her daughter’s room and neither does her husband.

Mom is seeing a therapist, but she doesn’t feel like it’s helping her because it’s still hard to leave the house for anything other than work and her heart is still in a lot of pain.

This is shown by the incident that triggered him and blew him up on his niece. The niece is 17 years old and came for an overnight stay. She was confused as to why she had to sleep on the couch and when she was told that her aunts weren’t ready to deal with the room yet, she got quite annoyed and after rolling her eyes, told the OP to just move on.

The OP lost her daughter in a car accident last year and is still very sensitive about the subject.

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Naturally, this hurts the grieving mother and she starts crying, which makes the niece feel bad and, in an attempt to comfort her aunt, OPK the experience of losing her dog and moving on after a while. Tried to compare the situation.

The OP got angry and threw up the whole thing, so her husband called an Uber to get the niece back home. The teen’s mother, who is the OP’s sister, heard about what happened and thought it was an overreaction.

Although the OP didn’t mean to upset her niece, she thought what the young man said was inappropriate for the time and place.

The deceased’s daughter’s cousin does not seem too sympathetic as she is disappointed that she will now have to sleep on the couch instead of the empty room.

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It is true that people form very strong bonds with their pets because of their unconditional love, constant companionship and sense of usefulness to another living being. It is not without reason that people call their beloved pets children and spend so much time and money on them. Research even shows that the pain experienced after losing a dog is comparable to the pain they feel after a loved one passes away, but this is not always the case.

People who have human children will disagree and share why they think so on online forums. Quora. They agree that pets become beloved family members, but because of the way babies are born, they don’t have the same relationship. Because of how long it lives inside the mother before birth. Because of the hopes you have for their future and because you expect them to live long, happy lives beyond their parents.

With pets, your biological connection is not the same and when you buy or adopt an animal, you know that you will lose them in a decade, after which you may find another one. will go

The 17-year-old remarked that there had been enough time to grieve, which made the OP cry and the niece tried to console her.

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Also, feeling sad is not a comparison and comparison in itself is wrong. To add, everyone experiences grief differently, so for someone to ask another person to cope with the death of a loved one is insensitive.

There were people who understood what the niece was trying to do and she just wanted to comfort her aunt by sharing her experience, but she didn’t realize that there was no point in easing someone else’s pain. would have

However, she was unsuccessful as she stated that she was able to get over her dog’s death within a year and the OP was yelling at her niece as a result.

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Others were not so sane and believed that 17 years old was too mature to lose a child more than a dog. But what most people agreed on was that the OP was reacting out of pain and didn’t do anything seriously dangerous.

What do you think about this situation? Would you say that the death of a pet is as painful as losing a child? Do you think it is even fair to compare them? So what is the best way to show compassion to a grieving person? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The OP was told by his sister, but the people in the comments, while they understand the young man’s effort, don’t see the grieving mother’s guilt.

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