The woman claims that she and her friends were denied service at the restaurant because the Tik Tik had already been distributed.

Tipping is a cultural dining norm in the United States. But this is controversial. Heated debates about the gratuity system have returned to the headlines of late, with one side arguing that it is getting out of hand while the other argues that workers rely on the generosity of patrons as their main source of income. depend on Wherever you land on the issue, the topic remains the center of attention on the platform.

A Florida-based Tik Toker, Boily Najheri, claimed in a recent video that a restaurant refused to serve him and his friends because the workers thought there were “non-tuppers” in his group. . The woman, who goes under the handle. @buelistic, stitched up another content creator who said, “No one is obligated to tip.” As a tattoo artist, her income also depends on tipping, so she encourages her clients to tip when they can.

But at the same time, the woman agreed with the statement and admitted that tipping is not something that should be forced. His video quickly went viral and amassed nearly 1 million views. Scroll down to read the story in full, as well as mixed reactions from the platform. Then don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments.

TikToker Bueli recently sparked a heated debate on the platform after slamming another creator who said, “No one is obligated to tip.”

Image credit: Buelistic

A Florida-based tattoo artist claims he and his friends were refused service at a restaurant because workers believed there was a “non-tipper” in his group.

Image credit: Buelistic

Image credit: Buelistic

You can watch the entire video, which has nearly 1 million views, right here

@buelistic #sewing 🏁 with @africanbarb What makes you want to leave a good tip? Do you feel obligated?🏁 #ShowOffLandOFrost #MessFreeHero #JinshinImpact #AmazonVirtualTryon #altblackgirl ♬ Original Sound – Büeli

The video immediately sparked a debate in the comments, with some users agreeing that tipping is a choice.

Others said people should always leave a tip and stay home if they can’t afford it.

And some blamed the restaurant and service industry as a whole

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