The woman confidently put in her place a strange man who did not understand the concept of the word ‘no’.

There is nothing really good about a good man. If you’ve met someone, you know them. Most of the hunters are in disguise, these friends think that they are entitled to some kind treatment of women. You can meet them anywhere: work, university, your circle of friends and you name it, which makes it even more annoying and scary.

But The woman who was recently bombed. The good guy with the text from a deserving was not going to put up with it. On the contrary, after receiving a series of weird messages at 1AM at night asking him to go on a date, and accusing him of “playing hard to get,” Had a lot to say.

Scroll down for a master crepe of crap in its place, and be sure to share your thoughts on such incidents in the comments. Also, if you want to know more about Toxic Good Man culture, be sure to check it out Our previous post She is sharing with the women the stories of her charming good man who are all very real.

It turned out that he was entitled to a ‘good man’ and he was not leaving the chat so easy.

The paradox of the term “good man” is that there are, indeed, many good friends. Dr. Robert Glover, Psychologist and Good Man Syndrome Specialist, Explains This type of boy as a man who puts the needs of others before his own, avoids any kind of confrontation, participates in doing good, helps emotionally, tries his best to avoid any trouble, And really treats others well.

Eventually, the woman was pressured to respond, saying she had no interest.

The idea of ​​a good man is basically the opposite of another popular male archetype called “bad boy” or “jerk”. The downside of something that looks like a good man is that while expressing his loving, generous, helpful, understanding behavior, he is more attractive, sexually attractive than other men. It will look attractive. To put it bluntly, a good man thinks he deserves a reward, whether a woman has a romantic or sexual interest in him.

Worryingly, the good man did not answer.

The problem with being a good man is that he doesn’t look good to a woman. With a lifetime of frustration, good people get really angry inside. In addition, they often have difficulty setting boundaries, especially when it comes to sexual harassment.

After constant pressure, the woman had had enough and she said it all out loud and clear in the message.

It’s no secret that good guys can be really passive, aggressive and manipulative as seen in this particular case. They also repeat disturbing behaviors that they never liked. Not surprisingly, good people are often rejected by women, which is why they are ignored, abused and abandoned.

And two things before they stop crawling.

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Worst of all, the good guys don’t respond to the answer, which turns them into instant sex predators. One of the basic principles of any relationship with another person is to respect their decision, no matter what. No means no, and that’s the end of the story.

That’s what people commented on the whole incident.

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