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Saturday AM Update: TriStar/eOne’s A female king With one, more coming in than expected. $18M The opening was buoyed by a lively buzz from A+ CinemaScore and a massive 95% positive on Comscore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak. Friday, including a $1.7M preview, came in at $6.8M.

woman king

‘The Woman King’

Compiling this black epic with previous Hollywood titles was a challenge, but that’s what made the project so compelling. The fact is, there’s no one else quite like it, as TriStar boss Nicole Brown said at TIFF last weekend. Some were anticipating it. Harriet ($11.6M) and Viola Davis’ The widow ($12.8M) were fair comparisons, but even going back to Thursday’s scenes, A female king has already improved these numbers. No theatrical window has yet been indicated for the Gina Prince-Bythewood-directed film, indicating Sony’s commitment to a longer theatrical run for the film during awards season.

Should the Viola Davis-produced and starring vehicle go up, that will depend on business tonight and even Sunday, when Sony expects the church-going demo to hit theaters.

As expected, women are the majority. A female king At 60%, 58% are over 35 and 39% are over 45, another promising sign for an older population that was reluctant to go out during the height of the pandemic. Black moviegoers were 59%, Caucasian 19%, Latino and Hispanic 12%, and Asian/other 10%. A female king East and South saw their best business, from where seven of the top ten runs came. LA’s AMC Burbank and The Grove are also in the top ten, along with The Country Club in Chicago. PLF screens and IMAX auditoriums are reaping 43 percent. A female kingWeekend ticket sales at this time. The top markets were NYC, Atlanta, DC, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Philly, Miami, Baltimore, Orlando, Detroit, and Tampa.

Below is KristenBellTattoos.com’s interview with TIFF. A female king:

20th Century Studios/Disney Savage Holding up pretty impressively for a horror movie with an estimated -38% (they’re usually down -65% in Weekend 2). $6.5M. Disney always had a feeling that the picture would grow from the hot buzz. So he went to the theater with her. It will be interesting to see where this can go in the long run. Pic’s second weekend will bring its ten-day running total to $21.1M.

Mia Goth in 'Pearl'Mia Goth in 'Pearl'


A24’s horror movie The pearl, which got an extra boost with a run at TIFF last weekend after its world premiere in Venice, is expected to come in just short of its predecessor’s $4M debut, X, with $3.2M Start from the third place. The R-rated Ty West-directed film hooked 53% of people, with 79% among 18-34. Grades were very good, though on par with a horror film, B- on CinemaScore and 75% positive, 54% recommend from Posttrack. Coast and Southwest were strong here, with nine of the top ten runs. The Alamo accounted for four of the top ten. Demos was 51% Caucasian, 25% Latino and Hispanic, 11% Black, and 13% Asian/Other.

See how they go.See how they go.


Wide release of Searchlight’s comedy caper See how they go., Directed by Tom George and starring Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan, the film received 70% excellent reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. While Searchlight had a lot going on in the festivities, ie Food list And Chevalier And at TIFF Banshees of Anshirin And Empire of Light At TIFF and Venice, this title wasn’t in the mix, and I’ve heard it was just a silly title, not really with any awards patina.

Still, applause is needed for this film going to theaters vs. Hulu, as Disney limits Searchlight to a set amount of big screen releases per year. As we’ve been preaching throughout this episode of Pandemic, anything with a window is better, even for an OTT service, and See how they go. is on 45 days. With a guess $2.7M At fourth place at 2,404, the picture falls within the range of Searchlight estimates. Capper played best on the coasts and Midwest, but the results were okay: Only a third of the picture’s runs were over $500 last night. Friday’s $1.08M includes $200K Thursday views.

'Moonage Daydream''Moonage Daydream'

David Bowie in ‘Monday’s Daydream’

However, if there is life in the art house sector, it is coming from the David Bowie doc directed by NEON’s Brett Morgan. moonlight dream, Which is giving a wonderful setting. $7K 170 locations per theater for what seems to be a $1.2M Opening at number 10. bravo Among 77 markets, the film is selling best tickets in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego and Toronto. The picture premiered in the Midnight section at Cannes in May.

Another film occupying most of the screens during this dry spell in theaters is UP2U Films’ faith-based drama. run the bases, From directors Marty Roberts and Jimmy Womble. Logline: When a small-town baseball coach receives the offer of a lifetime from a big 6A high school, he uproots his family and leaves the only home he’s ever known, but soon He faces opposition to his coaching methods from the school superintendent.

It was Friday. $195K 3 days it seems. $546K. Audience scores on Posttrack were 86% positive, and 76% were brighter than the money earned. Here the faith-based crowd is 51% female, 79% 35 to 35, 58% over 45, and 40% over 55. Diversity demos were 86% Caucasian, 11% Latino and Hispanic, and 3% Black. The Midwest and South saw the most activity.

Paramount owns the Miramax Jon Hamm title. Admittedly, Fletch, Which is theater day and date on PVOD. Booked at 516 locations, the photo did. $96K What is tomorrow a $255K 3 day opening.

Focus features

While the industry, especially during awards season, calls for diverse films, Focus features are brilliant and emotionally moving. silent twins, which premiered at Un Certain Regard in Cannes. Directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska, the drama was based on the true story of Jon and Jennifer Gibbons, who spent their childhoods just talking to each other and doing wonderful, creative endeavors.

However, they bump into teenage Dom, open up and fall in love with the same boy, and everything turns upside down. It is a tragic, bitter story. with $97K In 279 theaters (a $347 theater average), the film isn’t making waves in the arthouse set when it should. It’s so early on the fall release schedule here, I don’t even know if Focus screened the film for Academy members. The picture is really underrated, and critics were very harsh at 60% fresh. Really, this is a film that has suffered and with reviews like these, I don’t know if Focus will take this Letitia Wright production any further into awards season. I heard there was an extension next weekend, then heard it wasn’t. It’s very disturbing, because it’s a very original film, like Cub Chandni came to the scene, which deserves a lot of attention, support and push.

Here is our interview with him. The silent twins Out of Cannes:

All of these wide releases spell a weekend estimated at $51M for all titles. While +16% from last weekend, this is the fourth worst weekend YTD. So far, there are only 14 weekends in 2022 that have grossed more than $100M. All films grossed north of $200M+ in three weekends.

Top 10 photos for September 16-18.

1.) A female king (Sony) 3,765 theaters Friday $6.8M3 days $18M/ Week 1

2.) Savage (20th/Dis) 2,340 theaters, Fri $1.96M (-48%), 3 days $6.5M (-38%)/total $21.1M/ Week 2

3.) The pearl (A24) 2,935 Theatres, Fri $1.3M3 days $3.2M/ Week 1

4.) See how they go.(Sea) 2,404 Theatre, Fri $1.08M/ 3 days $2.7M/ Week 1

5.) bullet train (Sony) 2,602 (-454) Theaters, Fri $700K (-21%) 3 days $2.625M (-20%)/, total $96.5M/ Week 7

6.) Top Gun: The Wanderer (Par) 2,604 (-401) Theatre, Fri $630K (-25%), 3 days $2.3M (-27%), total $709.1M/ Week 17

7.) DC League of Super Pets (WB) 2,756 (-287) Theatre, Fri $440K (-11%) 3 days $2.26M (-15%)/total $87.9M Week 8

8.) Invitation (Sony) 2,425 (-692) Theaters, Fri $480K (-33%) 3 days $1.75M (-34%)/Total $21.5M/ Week 2

9.) Minions: The Rise of Gru (Uni) 1,970 Theater (-304), Fri $260K (-21%), 3 days $1.38M (-21), Total: $364.1M/Week 12
This sequel from Illumination Entertainment is still trying to catch up and become the highest grossing film in the world. Minions/Despicable Me universe stateside, currently owns the title. I despise 2 with a domestic $368M.

10.) Dream of the moon (NEON) 170 THEATER, FRIDAY $584KPTA $7k/3-day $1.2M/ Week 1


Brahmastra Part I – Shiva (Dis/Star) 810 Theater, Fri $319K (-83%), 3 days $1.1M (-76%)/Total $6.76M/ Week 2

Friday morning: Warrior picture produced and starring Viola Davis A female king It’s off to a solid start with $1.7M after Showtimes from 3,271 locations on Thursday at 3 p.m. The $50M feature, co-produced by TriStar and eOne, is expected to earn between $13M-$16M this weekend after a very warmly received premiere at TIFF last Friday, and Rotten Tomatoes Critical reviews that were hovering at 100% are now fixed. A still great 94%.

Sonny was looking away. Harriet And widows, The latter Davis action crime movie, as comps, and already A female king Both pictures beat their respective $600K Thursday previews by 183%. A female king It expands to 3,675 theaters this weekend, and hopefully those great reviews will draw in adults at a time when there isn’t much in the marquee.

Toronto Review: Viola Davis in Gina Prince-Bythewood’s The Woman King

A24 also has a Ti West horror episode. The pearl Expanding to 2,900 theaters. The film starring and co-written by Mia Goth is expected to open in the neighborhood of the previous chapter, X, Which was $4M.

See how they go.See how they go.

“See how they run”

The spotlight on mystery comedy is widening. See how they go. Sam Rockwell and Cyrus Ronan starred in 2,404 theaters. Searchlight is expecting $1M-$3M. It has a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Among the regularly rated titles on Thursday, the horror movie from Disney/20th Century Studios Savage $773K in 2,340 theaters, -18% from Wednesday, grossing $14.6M for a week. Zach Krieger’s blockbuster is expected to bring in around $4.5M in its second weekend.

Based on Fathom’s belief Life Mark $361K Thursday at 1,531 for a $3.6M week.

Lions Gate Clerk III $275K, +62% from Wed for a Tuesday week of $1.5M at 1,089 locations. The sequel, directed by Kevin Smith, will continue on weekends.

bullet train And Top Gun: The Wanderer Thursday was fourth and fifth with $267K and $274K respectively. Now in 3,056 theaters, bullet trainThe six-week domestic total is $93.9M, while The wanderer $706.8M counts. At the end of its 16th week.

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