The woman said the date was paid for at lunch and then accused her of using it

The woman was accused of using a date for money after he paid for her dinner.

A woman known as Nick took to TikTok to share screenshots of her date, accusing her of using it for money after he paid for lunch.

Alongside the video, which has been viewed over 1.5 million times, Nick wrote, “This is why dating is bad.”

The video begins with Nick giving some backstory to the situation as she explains that she met a man named Josh on a dating site.

Upon learning that they hit it off on a date, Nick said, “We spent six hours together. He made a reservation at the restaurant of his choice. We met there. We had dinner. Then we left. We walked around the small town in which we were. I ended up buying ice cream, which I paid for. “

After the date, Josh texted Nick to arrange a date next week when he gets back from his work trip, but things start to go wrong here …

Then Josh “kind of disappears completely.”

“He goes to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which to some extent I understood, because he was on a business trip, but in fact he did not communicate with me at all,” explained Nick.

Nick eventually texted Josh to see if he still wanted to meet after the trip.

And while he never responded to this message, Josh did write to Nick over Christmas, apologizing for the delay in responding.

“I don’t want you to think that I saw you or didn’t have a very good time with you,” he added to his post. “How was Christmas? !!”

After reading his “half apology,” Nick responded politely, asking if they were going to pretend he hadn’t disappeared.

“Interesting question, but are we really going to pretend? [you] disappeared completely when we were supposed to see you last Sunday? I understand. Life is filled with something, but you could at least just talk to me, instead of leaving me in the dark, ”she wrote.

At this point, Josh responded by accusing her of using it for money.

He explained that he had an urgent trip to New Orleans, but admitted that he was in no rush to write to her because he noted that she “apologized to go to the bathroom when the dinner check came and then drink too, and I hate it. when the girls do it. ”

“It’s extremely rude and cheap; and really disrespectful, and I felt that you didn’t care, despite what I felt from you. “

Nick sent him a message explaining that it was not her intention, she just wanted to use the “restroom before we leave.”

“I personally think it says a lot about who you are when you see me that way, even though it’s really unintentional. I really would like you to let me know sooner if it was a problem so I could fix it, but unfortunately we ended up here. “

But it didn’t end there, as Josh then stated that Nick chose “a restaurant, ordered what you liked, and then never offered to pay for it.”

“Don’t pretend you haven’t seen me pay for your drink in A and B; it’s literally $ 10 and doesn’t mean anything to me, but you gave up all self-respect for it by doing the same over dinner, ”he wrote.

“Just because I have a fucking trust fund, I don’t like using it to cover other girls’ drinks.”

She doesn’t need to write a response before adding this.

But in one last message, Nick clarified Josh’s situation by calling him, choosing a restaurant and saying that she didn’t know he had a trust fund.

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