The woman sold the family heirloom of the ex-fiance

We’ve all heard about the misfortunes that happen at weddings, right? But one wedding disaster that just can’t be beat is the pain of not getting married at all after you find out that your husband-to-be cheated on you with his ex.

And then they refuse to cover the costs of canceled wedding.

Not familiar with this story? Well, yes, thanks to a woman on Reddit who took to the platform after asking if she was a ** hole for selling her unfaithful fiance’s heirloom when he “didn’t want” to pay her for their canceled wedding.

On Reddit, the woman explained that her wedding was supposed to take place on January 20 this month, until a mutual friend caught him cheating with his ex.

A 27-year-old woman canceled it and noted that she had lost a total of $ 20,000 because of this.

“Last year I took out a loan to cover the costs of the wedding, and the longer I pay it off, the more interest on it. When we first got engaged, Mason agreed to split our finances together, which meant that if we got married, I could pay off.

“It was supposed to be part of our marriage contract, but since we didn’t get married, that meant he didn’t have to share his finances anymore,” she said. started

But when she told him that she needed help with paying off the loan, he said something that he simply could not refuse.

“He told me:“ It’s not my problem that you took out a loan that you cannot repay, ”and then stopped responding,” the woman wrote.

So, the woman did what she saw fit.

“When we got engaged, Mason proposed to me with an heirloom ring that belonged to his great-grandmother, worth $ 25,000. When we canceled the wedding, he told me that he wanted to return the ring, but we never agreed on a time when he could pick it up, ”she said. explained for Reddit users.

Continuing, she said, “Since I don’t want to go into debt, I told him that if he doesn’t agree to help pay off the debt (I wanted a lawyer to be brought in), I will sell the ring.

“He didn’t reply and ignored the messages, however after talking with a mutual friend (Jake) I found out that he actually read the messages and told everyone that he didn’t care because I“ won’t do that. ”

And so, due to the fact that he continued to ignore her, she sold the ring.

“So the next day I sold the ring to an online site and wrote to Mason to let him know it was done and told him he shouldn’t have underestimated me,” she wrote.

“He started scolding me, saying that I did not frighten him and that he would enter the ring later. True to his word, he came to my house and demanded a ring, and I told him that I had already sold it and showed him the proof.

“He exploded at me, saying that I was a petty bitch and that I shouldn’t have sold it because it was not just a ring, it was a family heirloom that meant a lot to his family,” the woman finished, saying that her the family thought she was overreacting.

Unsurprisingly, many people agreed with one conclusion.

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That she wasn’t an ass.

What do you think about the situation? Should she have returned the ring, or did she sell it correctly?

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