The woman who complained about the “pink” turkey was told that she bought a ham

One woman found herself making a rather annoying mistake by complaining about her Christmas turkey.

And the conversation is funny.

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Now Christmas dinner is a welcome meal for many families.

But it can also be very stressful food for those who prepare it.

Preparing a Christmas dinner takes a lot of preparation.

And dedication … because trust us, unless you are a Michelin-starred chef cooking a festive meal can be stressful.

There is something to remember …

The most important thing is the turkey.

If the turkey goes bad, the whole Christmas dinner could be a disaster.

As one woman realized when she bought twelve pounds of turkey that just doesn’t cook …

And people find this failure quite amusing …

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Zoe from Manchester, UK, headed to her local butchers after ordering what she thought was a turkey for Christmas.

But I was very disappointed when, even after overcooking, the meat remained “very, very pink.”

After a few hours in the oven, which were still pink, they decided to ditch the pink turkey and not eat meat on Christmas …

Which was obviously very depressing considering it was Christmas.

Zoya decided to send a message to her butcher that she was “disappointed” with the quality of the meat.

She wrote, “So we cooked a big 12 pound turkey yesterday, and when we sliced ​​it up, it was still very, very pink on the inside, so we had to put it back in the oven.

“An hour later we pulled it out again, but it’s still pink, my husband cut it out and all, and put it back in because we thought it would cook faster.

“In the end, we gave up and had dinner two hours after the meatless Christmas dinner. Later, when I went to the kitchen, I took a bite from the outside of the already very dry meat and realized that this was not a turkey, but a ham.

“I must say, very disappointed.”

However, the butcher replied to Zoe that the Christmas basket she bought was not actually turkey …

He replied, “Hi Zoya, we’re sorry about that, but looking at your previous messages, you ordered basket 6 which was a full ham and didn’t come with turkey.”

Realizing that she had been cooking ham the whole time, she excused herself and asked if they had any turkeys left.

And in the true spirit of Christmas, the Butcher gave her a turkey for free to make him laugh …

He said, “We will bring you boneless turkey breast on Wednesday. The price is nothing, as this is the best laugh I’ve had this year. Hope the whole family will get well soon.

The Butcher took to Facebook to post a message about their exchange, which has now been posted several times in the app …

“Taking care of our customers. Sorry, Zoya, but we thought it was funny. ” He wrote

And it left many people in hysterics, calling the failure “absolutely brilliant.”

Later, Zoya commented on this post, writing: “I am so glad that everyone laughed so loudly at our stupidity.”

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