There is a ‘vague’ description in the $ 35 million LA mansion of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Bell

However, they have to be removed in a certain amount. Public attention and gossip for years, Jessica Bell and Justin Timberlake have nevertheless become one of Hollywood’s most enduring celebrity weddings.

Timberlake recently made headlines. About his ex-girlfriend Britney SpearsThe highly publicized war of conservatism, the pair is leading otherwise. Low profile family life Of the deceased. Such a low profile, in fact, when the recent news broke that the pair is impressive. LA Mansion was going for sale., Many Twitter users were surprised to learn that the two were still together.

Others, however, focused more on the huge amount of money that Timberlock and Byle were asking for, which Timberlock had bought before it met Bile in 2002. “ڈی 35 million God D ***, for that price Jessica Bailey is still there when I go in.”

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Meanwhile, some Twitter users have pointed to another detail from Pad’s newly released shots – something that may seem trivial at first glance, but on reflection, is a very vague detail. Author Katie Delaney was the first. Pay attention to the item under discussion, Which is a very small swimming pool located on the ground floor of a large, Olympic-sized property. Delaney jokingly wrote, “What is this? The big regular pool wasn’t enough for you, you need a little pool for all your sick curved secrets? F *** you. F *** extract Funny. ”

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Other Twitter users said what the small pool could possibly do. One suggested, “This is for guests who are not famous,” while another waxed lyrical prose expressed: “When I was a small child, swimming alone in Port Town, I often dreamed that I would urinate. There will be a separate pool only. ”

Joking about the cause of the seemingly strange home feature among the people, a helpful Twitter user said Explain what it does. He tweeted, “This is a never ending pool, like a treadmill for swimming. On one side is a jet in which you swim.

The mystery is solved! Wealthy and famous people, it turns out, have no extra pools on their property for their low-profile friends, nor, as many have suggested, do they like to jump smaller than the main pond. ۔

The extra pool has only one exercise machine designed for JT or JB’s water aerobic exercise fun. Celebrities – they’re just like us!

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