These 21 Pixar Movie Parts Will Amaze You

Step aside from Marvel, Pixar is the real king of Easter eggs.

Pixar has always stood head and shoulders above the rest in animation and storytelling.

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You don’t just watch an animated film, you will see a PIXAR film. Whether it’s the creation of the first animated film in Oscar history to be nominated for Best Screenplay (Toy story), or rendering 1.15 million individual hairs for Remy in RatatouillePixar knows hard work pays off. Pixar’s striking attention to detail is also renowned for hiding tons of Easter eggs that reference other films, creators, real-life sources of inspiration, and more. These are some of our favorites!


Al says, “Don’t touch my mustache,” when on the phone with the Japanese Toy Museum in Toy Story 2 (1999). This is a mispronunciation of Dōitashimashite (ど う い た し ま し て), which means “please” in Japanese.


V Soul (2020), you can see the poster about the journey through Portorosso, the city pictured in Luke (2021).


V Up (2009), other dogs cannot track down Kevin because they are guarding breeds (English Bulldog, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler). Doug can find the bird because he is the only hunting dog (Golden Retriever).


The Moorish Idol is a fish known to be difficult to keep in captivity. So when the filmmakers Finding Nemo (2003) required Jill to be a fish that could escape at any cost, they knew exactly what kind to create him.

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Click here to find out more about why Moorish idols are so hard to keep in captivity!


Unicorns are usually depicted as majestic, elegant creatures, but this is not the case with them. Forward (2020). They are aggressive and unbridled, in keeping with the original myths about the creature.


Cruz Ramirez plays music to help train one of the new cars in Cars 3 (2017). It turns out that the car came from Santa Cecilia, where Coco (2017). When we catch a glimpse of the screen, there is even a scene from the movie.


Abuelita is based on Abuelita’s real life Coco (2017), especially when it comes to her neck.


Abuelita is based on the mother-in-law of co-director Adrian Molina. While her personality and edgy attitude certainly added a lot to the character, he flew out of his Mexico City mother-in-law to get one particular piece of animation just right: her neck. The animators wanted to perfectly portray the movement of Abuelita’s neck, especially when she was angry. This was difficult to do because Molina said that his abuelita was a woman who is not easily pissed off.


Despite passing away in 2017, Don Rickles still voices Mr.Potato Head in Toy Story 4 (2019) thanks to smart editing.

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“We went through all the frames for all the films, all the shorts, all the video games, all the ice shows, everything possible, and there was a lot of Don Rickles. So I wouldn’t say it was easy, but there was a lot to work on. So I am very, very, very honored to have him in this film. ” -Director Josh Cooley


Bruce crying Finding Nemo (2003), stating that he never knew his father. In nature, shark fathers leave their young immediately, leaving the mothers to feed the embryos.


V Incredibles 2 (2018) The painting in Helen’s hotel room is an abstract depiction of her separation from the rest of the Parras.


The large stripe on the left is Bob, then Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, and Helen on the right.


V Soul (2020) soul number 108,210,121,415 is assigned. This roughly matches the number of people who have ever lived, according to the Bureau of Population.


While the creators Soul Perhaps in the early stages of production it was discovered that the number 108 billion, the Population Information Bureau (PRB) has since updated these statistics. The PRB now reckons that in the 1950s we were at 107-108 billion, and we currently number 117 billion people who have ever lived. Of course, this is constantly changing as we define the “beginning” of humanity. Oh, and all the babies that are still being born!

For more information, see the PRB article “How many people have ever lived on Earth?


It is obvious that in Ratatouille (2007). Pixar has kept rats as pets for over a year so animators can study their movements, fur, and behavior.


Forrest Woodbush from Good dinosaur (2015) appears in Inside out (2015).


Burger Shire’s Forward (2020) shows a sign that reads “Now serving lunch,” indicating Pippin’s hunger pains in Lord of the rings, Brotherhood of the ring (2001).


Watch Pippin complain about the criminal lack of food here


Carpet in Sid’s house Toy story (1995) matches another (and possibly the only) known film carpet pattern. The colors are slightly different, but the style is the same as the carpet in Shine (1980).


First 20 minutes WALL-E (2008) without dialogue. To explore visual storytelling, director Andrew Stanton and his team watched every film and short by Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.


Mr. Incraidble’s first suit was blue, and Elastigirl’s was red. Incredible (2004). It only makes sense that they named their daughter Violet.


V Cars (2006), the animators paid particular attention to how different types of vehicles travel across different terrains.


The Lightning McQueen may be a high-performance sports car, but it shakes more off-road than the Mater. This is especially noticeable when the couple runs away from Frank. McQueen’s shakiness is due to the fact that race cars have a stiffer suspension designed for smooth track, while the average truck has a softer suspension.


A familiar face (or muzzle) appears in Ratatouille (2007). Do you recognize this dog? It’s dug out, from Up (2009)!


Fun Fact: Most people misspell his name as “Doug”, but it’s actually just Doug!


It happens in high school, college, at work, and it happens in Pixar: corrupted files.


It’s easy to imagine a huge studio like Pixar with countless guarantees when it comes to keeping their work. But technology makes no distinction; it upsets everyone equally. When the animators sat down to get to work Toy Story 4 (2019), they found they couldn’t access any 3D models from the original film. Their software was so advanced that the models were incompatible and they had to start from scratch. So the next time you lose all your work due to a technical accident, remember this happens to the best!


V Cars (2006), not only cars are cars, but canyons are cars.

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