These amazingly good spin-offs are really worth seeing

Oh, spin-off show. These projects always represent a kind of endeavor for the network, as they hope that the audience will accept the new proposal, as it did with the original. Some of these projects are fantastic and successful, others just don’t do the job, not finding their target audience. Despite mixed success, networks are still trying their best.

Over time, some really great spin-off shows have emerged, including some that most fans don’t even know existed. These are shows that continue to inspire hope on the web.

Let’s take a look at some really great spin-off shows.

eight ‘Flash’ gave impetus to the Arrowverse game

After Arrow got the ball on the small screen for DC, Flash came and helped bring things to a whole new level. Grant Gustin was an exceptional player as Scarlet Speedster, and thanks to Flash and subsequent spin-offs that find their basis for Arrow, fans had a chance to watch the insane crossovers.


7 “Daria” – the pearl of the television series of the 90s

Daria must be one of the best and most underrated animation shows of all time and many people don’t know that this show was actually a byproduct of the much more popular Beavis and Butt-head… Even though this show was a spin-off, it was really good and some aspects of this show are still relevant after all this time.

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6 Better Call Saul was great fun

At one point, it was almost impossible to imagine a successor Breaking bad come and find a place on television, but You better call Saul was an insanely perfect spin-off show for the fans. Bob Odenkirk showed he can do amazing things while he was introduced to Breaking badbut the decision to give him and his character a one-on-one show was nothing more than a stroke of genius for the network.

5 Naval Police – the mainstay

Many people may be completely shocked to see that NCIS it’s a show spin-off, but that’s absolutely true. NCIS spin-off series JAG, and to say that NCIS managed to create their own legacy on the small screen – that’s a huge understatement. This show has been on the air for longer than people can imagine, with Mark Harmon leading it every step of the way.

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4 “Law and order: SVU” on top

Looking at the total number of successful side projects, it can be argued that IED the biggest and best of them all. Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni were a dynamic duo just made for each other, and they, along with the rest of the main cast, helped IED become your own monster on the small screen.

3 “Angel” was produced correctly

Fans Buffy the vampire slayer will gladly attest to the fact that Angel there was a show that was good and it was canceled long before it was supposed to be. Now it can be very easy for a spin-off show to overdo it and trip over the gate, but Angel it was a fantastic show from start to finish, and a crime that it went off the air when it happened. Fans would love to see more of this show.

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2 Frasier is a true classic

Again, we have another hugely successful show that most people don’t even know is a side project. Initially starting with the classic series To your health, Frasier The show focused on Fraser Crane and his group of friends in Seattle. The cast was perfectly balanced, the script was flawless and the show caught fire instantly on the small screen.

one The Simpsons – Television Gold

The largest and arguably greatest animation show of all time has certainly created a legacy of its own in Hollywood, but long before the Simpsons became the most popular animation family on television, they actually started out as a sketch for The Tracey Ullman Show… It is noteworthy to see what this initial sketch turned into, given that The Simpsons the franchise is one of the largest in history. Like several other shows on this list, The Simpsons is still doing its job, although some might argue that the quality has also dropped slightly.

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