These are Matt Lauer’s hardest moments to grasp.

In November 2017, TV host Matt Lauer was fired from his job as NBC’s morning news and talk show host. Today… This came after accusations of sexual harassment against the famous presenter by several women, most of whom were his colleagues. Andrew Luck, then chairman of the online news service, issued a statement saying Lauer’s conduct constituted “a clear violation of company standards.”

This marked the end of nearly 25 years that the host had spent on NBC. Now 64-year-old Lauer has yet to find a new source of formal work, despite his claims that he will return to television screens. From the moment it emerged from Todayand in light of the nature of the accusations against him, most of his on-air and off-air moments have been reanalyzed through a completely different lens.

Old interviews and exchanges with colleagues and guests now seem to be full of unpleasant moments. Here are nine really tricky ones to look at.

9 Meredith Vieira

For five years until 2011, Lauer was one of the organizers Today next to seasoned journalist Meredith Vieira. The two are said to have maintained a close relationship during their work together, but in recent years, a video in which the male host is highly inappropriate to his colleague has been gaining popularity.

Since Vieira is not fully visible in the short video, Lauer looks at her and says, “Keep leaning like that, it’s a beautiful view.”


eight Bill O’Reilly

Lauer sat down memorably to interview former Bill O’Reilly after his firing at Fox News after he was also accused of sexual indecency. The interview was conducted in September 2017, about two months before Lauer himself faced the ax.

At the time, nothing seemed out of place with the exchange, at least from the outside. Now, however, in hindsight, it looks more like the case where the pot calls the kettle black.

7 Vince Gill

Matt Lauer and country star Vince Gill
via: RareCountry

The famous country musician Vince Gill and his famous pop singer wife Amy Grant once performed at a concert. Today the series was hosted by Lauer. At one point while Grant was on stage with her backing vocalists, the host reportedly walked up to Gill and commented on the vocalist’s body.

“I went up to him and asked:“ Are these things real? “- he said to Andy Cohen on See what’s going on live in February 2019. “And he turned to me and said,” They better be real, this is my daughter. ” RELATED: What has Meredith Vieira been up to since ‘Today Show’?

6 Madonna

Lauer interviewed Madonna’s royal family in 2003. However, in a rather sexist and ageist manner, he began to push the singer towards how relevant she is to the music industry, given that she was in her 40s. He also compared her to younger music stars such as Britney Spears.

Madonna was not happy, calling it “absurd” and “disrespectful.”

5 TikTok Romy Lauer

Matt Lauer in a video about his daughter Romy on TikTok
via: ET Online

After spending some time away from the public, Lauer returned to his teenage daughter, Romy’s TikTok account at the end of 2019. He has starred in a number of videos, pursuing a range of activities from dancing to lip syncing.

While no one would envy a man for the opportunity to find happiness in his family, it sounded pretty insensitive. Last but not least, one of the lip sync bits was portrayed by a celebrity mimicking the infamous words of MCU supervillain Thanos, “I’m inevitable,” followed by an ominous snap of a finger.

4 Sandra Bullock

When actress Sandra Bullock continued Today promote your film Sentence in 2009, she was the target of unwanted sexual attention from Lauer. “The main thing that has changed since the last time I saw you: I saw you naked,” he told her, barely after the start of the interview.

He was referring to the sex scene she shared in the film with her co-star Ryan Reynolds, which he talked about throughout the interview. He also joked in a creepy way that he used the footage of the scene as a screensaver on his phone. RELATED: Fans Love That Sandra Bullock Trolled Matt Lauer Long Before The Allegations

3 Katie Couric

Like Vieira, Couric was another longtime collaborator with Lauer at Today… During the old appearance on See What Happens Live With Andy Cohenshe was asked which habit of the TV presenter annoys the most. “He pinches my ass a lot,” she said.

Couric has since withdrawn the comment and said she was just kidding, but this is still a harsh measure given everything that has happened with Lauer since then.

2 Michaela Shiffrin

Matt Lauer's interview with American skier Mikaela Shiffrin
via: Team Coco

Conan O’Brien once featured a segment on his show called Spooky Matt Lauerat which the journalist was embarrassed. On one occasion, he revealed that Lauer was too interested in alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin when he interviewed her at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. She was then only 18 years old.

While this segment was meant to be a joke, it definitely looks in a completely different light today.

one Ann Hataway

In one of the most inappropriate moments on television, Lauer stalked superstar Anne Hathaway when she appeared on his show back in 2012. The actress was promoting her film, Outcastbut had deteriorated wardrobe earlier that week it made her too insecure.

“Nice to see you,” Lauer told his guest, making a rather dark joke: “I’ve seen a lot of you lately.” Even apart from the latest accusations against him, the owner clearly disagreed. NEXT: This is why fans are still worried about Matt Lauer’s interview with Anne Hathaway

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