These are some of the most short-lived couples “Island of Love”

Back in 2015, there was the very first season of a British dating show revival. Island of love went on the air. The lewd reality show has taken the world by storm since then, and many countries have adapted their own versions of the show, such as Love island australia and Love Island USA… For 7 years and now 7 seasons of the show, viewers have tuned in summer after summer to watch the determined solo contestants travel the dating world in the villa they live in.

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As members bond and romance, they face trials that challenge their relationship. The drama that springs from treacherous trials, shock reunions and dizzying explosions continues to captivate audiences as they cheer on their favorites every summer to stay together and win the £ 50,000 cash prize. But what happens to these couples after the cameras stop working and they leave the secluded villa to return to the real world? While some remain beloved, such as Season 7 winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon, others don’t seem to stand the test of time. So let’s take a look at some of the shortest relationships ever Island of love villa.

7 Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott (Season 6)

First on the list are Luke Mabbott and Demi Jones from the 2020 winter season. The couple finished 3rd in season six and left the villa ready for a relationship with the outside world. However, it seems that this was not part of the plans of Mabbott and Jones. Just 4 months later, Jones posted it all on her YouTube channel, posting a Q&A video in which she talked about the couple’s breakup. In the video, Jones stated that Mabbott was the one who announced the end of the relationship, calling her cell phone and stating that he “needs to get it over with now.”


6 Kem Chetinai and Amber Davis (season 3)

Another 4-month relationship was season 3 winners Kem Cetinai and Amber Davis. Despite the difficult relationship of the couple inside Island of love villa, they remained fan favorites and thus became the winners of the season, just 5 months after they left the villa, Cetinje and Davis parted ways. However, all hope does not seem to be lost for the couple as 4 years later, Chetinay hinted at TikTok that he wouldn’t mind giving their relationship another try.

5 Laura Anderson and Paul Knops (season 4)

The short-lived couple from the fourth season of the series were Laura Anderson and Paul Knops. After having previously had issues with her previous villa relationships with Wes Anderson and Jack Fowler, Anderson seems to have found her lucky break with Knops when he was introduced to her during the Casa Amor period. The couple came in second in the series, finishing in second, however they decided to end the relationship just 2 months after leaving the villa. During a conversation with The sun back in 2018, Anderson herself said that the split was due to their conflicting schedules and a dying spark.

She stated, “When we left the villa, we had a lot of work-related chores that we did together, and then Paul left for three weeks.” She later added, “I was hoping that when he returns, we will spend more time together and build a normal relationship outside the villa. That did not happen”.

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4 Jess Hayes and Max Morley (Season 1)

In the very first season of the hit series in 2015, Jess Hayes and Max Morley became the show’s first winning couple. Although the couple are expected to set a precedent for winning Island of love could mean for love life, they lasted a little over a month before breaking up.

3 Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea (season 5)

Next, we have season 5 winners Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea. The pair reconnected quite late in the season, following the drama of Gill’s reunion with former Michael Griffiths, and despite their brief time together, they won the series. However, after leaving the villa Gill and O’Shea lived together for only one month. which made them the most short-lived couple to ever win a show.

2 Adam Maxted and Katie Salmon (season 2)

Next, we have Adam Maxted and Katie Salmon from Season 2. Maxted and Salmon teamed up in the final weeks of the 2016 series and managed to take 4th place. However, it seems that the relationship was not as sincere as originally intended, as the couple revealed upon leaving the villa that they had ended the relationship after just 3 weeks. shading each other on twitter

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one Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson (season 7)

And finally, we have a couple from the last season of the series in Summer 2021, Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson. Bedford and Simpson only came in at # 6 on the show, and although they left together, they didn’t necessarily return home as a couple. During their appearance on Love Island: After Sunset just a few days after dumping, Bedford put Simpson firmly in the friend zoneeven referring to him as “best friend.”

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