These are the best selling albums of Christina Aguilera

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it will be difficult for you to find a bigger star on the planet than Christina Aguilera. Together with her contemporary Britney Spears, Aguilera brought gum back to the mainstream, launching a new generation of pop stars. Aguilera used the phenomenal success of her debut album to explore the ever-changing musical landscape with all of her subsequent releases, changing genres along with her visual aesthetics with each new musical era.

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Over the years, in between recording music, Aguilera ventured into other directions in the entertainment industry, including starring in a film alongside music and film legend Cher, and also serving as a judge on a musical talent program. Sound… Aside from these other opportunities and the few breaks she took to focus on her family, Aguilera always returned to music.

Most recently, she released “Pa Mis Muchachas”, the lead single from her upcoming Spanish-language album, her first Latin music in two decades and a clear departure from her previous release. Liberation, a pop, R&B and hip-hop record with elements of soul, reggaeton, trap, southern rock and dancehall. Aguilera clearly excels in creativity thanks to her ability to explore many genres, but does that always equate to the commercial success of a 41-year-old singer? Let’s find out which of her albums have been her best sellers.

10 “Liberation” is the cheapest seller in Aguilera

We start the list with LiberationAguilera’s latest full-length release of 2018, released after a six-year hiatus and the singer’s long-term promises of an album coming soon. Liberation debuted at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 with 68,000 album equivalents (AEU), Aguilera’s lowest sales in its twenty-year history of music release. The album sold 100,000 AEU.


9 Lotus has a gold certificate

Lotus arrived in 2012, two years after she released her previous two albums five months apart. It was preceded by the title single “Your Body” Lotus a pop record with elements of dance-pop and rock, as well as several ballads with piano music, including “Just A Fool”, her collaboration with a colleague. Sound Judge Blake Shelton. It sold 303,000 copies and received a Gold Certificate for the movement of 500,000 AEU.

eight “Bionic” was downloaded illegally

Aguilera’s sixth studio Bionic arrived in summer 2010 with a circulation of 110,000, but that doesn’t mean more people haven’t listened to it, as it has an unusual feature: second most illegally downloaded album of 2010… Aguilera blamed the drop in album sales from her previous releases due to the future pop album being “too ahead of its time for some people“He will eventually receive Gold status for moving 500,000 AEU plus another 100,000 worldwide.

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7 Christina Aguilera’s greatest hits compilation has sold over 1 million copies

Aguilera released It gets better: a decade of hits in 2008, long before streams introduced playlists and made greatest hits compilations essentially controversial. The album sold 614,000 copies in the US and 1,038,500 worldwide.

6 Christina Aguilera wrote the soundtrack for the film “Burlesque”

In 2010, Aguilera made her film debut, where she starred in the film with Cher. Burlesque, a backstage musical at a Los Angeles burlesque club. An accompanying soundtrack released just five months after Bionicfeaturing ten tracks, eight by Aguilera and two by Cher. Aguilera was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance of the track “Bound to You”, but lost for the contribution of her colleague Cher “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me.” The album sold 1,049,000 copies worldwide.

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5 Christina Aguilera’s Christmas album goes platinum

For a pop star, it’s kind of a pass-through for a Christmas album, and Christina Aguilera made it just a year after her debut album. My kind of Christmas combines Christmas standards and original recordings and has received mixed reviews from critics, but favorite Taya Dolla $ igna… The album’s initial release was slow, selling 25,000 copies in 200 in its first week, but it went on to go platinum with sales of over 1 million.

4 “Mi Reflejo” was her first Spanish-language album

Thirteen months after the release of her first studio album, Aguilera, with her paternal Ecuadorian heritage, released Mi Reflejo, her second studio album, recorded entirely in Spanish. Consists of original songs, covers and Spanish re-recordings of songs from her debut. Mi Reflejo was a critical success, which resulted in the singer receiving the Latin Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Album. More than 2.2 million albums have been sold worldwide.

3 “Back to Basics” sold 5 million copies

Despite not selling the most copies, Aguilera’s fifth studio album Back to basics is its most successful commercially and critically, receiving positive reviews from critics and reaching the top of the charts in a dozen countries. Back to basics was a double album inspired by the Aguilera idols of the 1920s and 1950s, and the fusion of old school jazz and soul was a completely new sound to her. The star adopted an alter ego she called Baby Jane, inspired by classic Hollywood actresses, to promote the album. Back to basics has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

2 Naked sold 10 million copies

After releasing her first studio album, her first Spanish-language album, and her first Christmas album, Aguilera was unhappy with her image, which her management team was promoting, and sought to gain more creative control over her image and sound. Received product, Stripped, was named after the singer “to be emotionally undressed“and exposing her heart and soul on the album, which is reflected in the personality of Kstina, with whom she shaped her image. The twenty-track album ushered in five singles and was nominated for five Grammy awards, winning one. Receiving several gold and platinum certifications around the world, Stripped has sold over 4.4 million copies in the US and over 10 million worldwide.

one Christina Aguilera sold 14 million copies

Despite the fact that seven more studio albums were subsequently released, as well as a soundtrack and a collection of greatest hits, Aguilera was unable to repeat the success of her first album. Christina Aguilera… The album debuted at number one, released three number one singles and earned Aguilera a Grammy for Best New Artist. It has sold over 9 million copies in the US and over 14 million worldwide. Christina Aguilera remains one of the best-selling female albums of all time, peaking on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 200 Definitive Albums list and placing Aguilera in 58th place in the rankings. Rolling stonelist of 100 greatest singers

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