These are the celebrities from the inner circle of Craig Ferguson.

It’s hard not to love Craig Ferguson. There is something so sincere about the way he behaves, especially in an industry filled with fake people. Because of the clarity of Craig’s gentlemanly image, this man got away with a lot. His jokes could be on the verge of insult, and he could make statements without being crucified in the press for doing so. In addition, there have been instances of him shamelessly flirting with his female guests on Late Late when he hosted it between 2005 and 2014. However, most of the women with whom he was unashamedly attached were his friends.

Although he is far from Hollywood type and does not spend much time with the rich and famous, Craig has a few celebrity friends. Many of the people on this list entered Craig’s life through his late night show. He met others while climbing the career ladder as a comedian and actor. But each of those icons (dead or alive) spent time with Craig when the cameras were off. This is who was part of Craig’s inner circle …

15 Kristen Bell

Few celebrity actors have appeared on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson as many times as Kristen Bell. The two built a strong friendship after spending so much time together on the show, and their bond extended to their partners, Craig’s wife Meghan and husband Kristen Dax Shepard.


14 Gerard Butler

Craig and Gerard share Scottish bonds. The couple spent a lot of time together on Late Late and in the films How to Train Your Dragon. Thanks to all this, they became “good friends.” Their chemistry is truly addictive.

thirteen Drew Carey

“Carey! You’re fired!” was Craig’s catchphrase when he played the comedian boss on The Drew Carey Show. This show made Craig famous, but it also brought him and Drew together. Their friendship continues to this day, and Drew was even asked to replace Craig on The Late Late Show when he had to take a vacation.

12 Stephen Fry

Craig adores the actor, comedian, writer, and famous philosopher Stephen Fry so much that he completely changed his show to interview him. However, his hour-long conversation with Stephen was far from the only time they spent together. Stephen and Craig did know each other when Craig was a “sad drunkard,” climbing the ladder as a comedian.

eleven Peter Capaldi

“I did take acid with my next guest,” Craig said, introducing Doctor Who, Suicide Squad and Tolstoy star Peter Capaldi. These two are actually grew up in the same community in Scotland and even were in a band called The Dreamboys, originally called The Bast * rds from H * ll. They remained friends even as Craig sobered up and both became famous.

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10 Mila Kunis

Mila quickly got along with Craig after her first appearance on the show in 2009. She said it was the “best” talk show she has ever done. Over the course of several performances, their chemistry has evolved. They really started to enjoy each other in person when Mila flew to Scotland to appear in Craig’s weekly Scotland special.

9 Michael Clarke Duncan

The Green Mile actor, who passed away tragically in 2012, was a good friend of Craig. In fact, Craig was one of the few people who could make fun of Michael and get away with it. The two spent a lot of time together on The Late Show, and Michael even traveled to Scotland with Craig for a show in his hometown. But so much of Craig’s relationship with Michael was revealed during a heartbreaking tribute to the Daredevil star after he passed away. It is clear that Craig simply adored him.

eight Katie Lee Gifford

After hosting the Today Show with Katie Lee for a week, Craig Ferguson became loyal friends. They even decided to star in a movie called Then Came You. Their chemistry was so addicting that Katy had to tell the US that there was nothing romantic between them… During an interview on The Today Show, Craig stated, “We’re great friends … we have nothing in common except that we adore each other and we are friends. I cannot explain our friendship any more than she can. But I think so: if you adore someone sincerely, you just love. “

7 Eddie Izzard

Eddie was a comedian that Craig respected long before they became friends. But “Late Late Evening” brought them together. Eddie has appeared on the show a whopping 16 times and even traveled to France to join Craig on his show in Paris.

6 Rashida Jones

Rashida and Craig had unique chemistry. Fans loved seeing this during her numerous appearances on the show, including her time in Scotland with Craig. They became loyal friends and clearly loved to make each other laugh.

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5 Billy Connolly

Like Gerard Butler, Craig and Billy are tied due to their homeland of Scotland. But Craig always treated Billy like a comedian. In fact, he stated that Billy is his “favorite” comedian for all the time. But affection goes both ways, as Billy has never shied away from Craig’s praise.

4 Maria Bello

Craig had known Maria Bello for a long time, long before her first appearance on The Late Late Show. He even knows her children. During one of their many joint interviews, he even stated that she was a “good friend.”

3 Josh Robert Thompson

Not only did Josh work with Craig for many years on The Late Late Show as the voice of his gay skeleton robot friend Jeff Peterson, he even became his opening act for his stand-up show. Craig and Josh’s friendship developed when they chatted with each other every night on talk shows, but this has continued in recent years. The couple just can’t stop spending time together. They are really close friends.

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2 Robin Williams

In an interview with QCOnline, Craig admitted that after his numerous appearances on the series, he befriended the late Robin Williams behind the scenes. Few people could make Craig laugh like Robin. After his tragic death, Craig stated that he was “sweet, generous and kind, as well as a comedic genius.”

one Carrie Fisher

Like Robin Williams, Craig claims that he actually built a personal friendship with the late Star Wars actor through her appearance on The Late Late Show. She even gifted him with a pair of kangaroo eggs, which he kept on the table throughout the show. After her tragic death, Craig stated that she “the kindest and coolest and the most hopeful person [he] ever met in Hollywood ”and said he“ adored her ”.

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