These are the celebrities from the inner circle of Larry David.

Larry David doesn’t want to chat. He makes this clear in Curb Your Enthusiasm and even in Seinfeld. Then there is every interview he’s ever given where he said basically the same thing … he “hates people,” “parties are death,” and so on. Of course, there is a new and strange friendship between Larry and Timothy Chalamet that broke the Internet in the fall of 2021. But Larry has a more established and long-standing friendship to be aware of.

While some of Larry’s famous friends are exactly what his fans think, others are a little less well known. This is because while Larry complains about social interaction, he is actually quite versatile and can talk to almost anyone. But who does he really LIKE to talk to? Apart from his wife, who is 38 years his junior, and his two daughters (Casi and Romy), this is who Larry spends the most time with …

12 President Barack Obama

While Larry may not be spending as much time with former President Barack Obama as he would like, the two are very good golf friends. In accordance with his interview on The Rich Eisen ShowLarry played golf many times with the former president, along with big bang theorist Chuck Lorre and businessman Ari Emanuel. On top of that, Larry made a lot of news when he was really happy. he was recalled from the birthday of the former president in 2021 due to COVID restrictions. However, Larry is close enough to Barack Obama to receive an invitation.


eleven Jeff Garlin

Nobody makes Jeff Garlin laugh more than Larry David… His co-star Curb Your Enthusiasm told many stories of their friendship in interviews for the show. It is clear that the relationship we see on screen between Jeff and Larry is not very different from their dynamics in real life.

10 Jerry Seinfeld

Even after creating the most successful sitcom of all time and nearly a decade with each other, Larry and Jerry have maintained a strong friendship. The two constantly talk about each other in public and claim to spend a decent amount of time together alone. Their banter is akin to two people who have known each other all their lives. But that’s what the experience of Seinfeld’s creation gave them … he made them brothers.

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9 Richard Lewis

Everything Larry does makes Richard complain. And everything Richard does makes Larry complain. Their relationship is almost identical to what happens between them on the Border. These two actually know each other since summer camp, when they absolutely hated each other. When they faced each other again in stand-ups, they even fought, remembering their youth. But soon after that, they became completely inseparable … even when they bite each other in the throats.

eight Amy Schumer

Larry David is close enough to Amy Schumer to be invited to her wedding. Here he is known to have met Jennifer Lawrence, who soon fell deeply in love with him. According to Jennifer, Amy also scolded her for being too close to Larry, who didn’t seem to be interested.

7 JB Smoove

Like Jeff Garlin and Richard Lewis, Larry’s relationship with JB Smoove is not much different from their dynamic in Curb Your Enthusiasm. After meeting at Curb’s audition, they quickly became friends. Larry thinks JB made him laugh more than anyone else. But Larry responds honestly to the favor, such as when he publicly criticized JB for not showing up on time for his birthday party.

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6 Steve Martin

Through an interview with Richard Lewis on The Richard Eisen Show, we know that Larry sometimes plays poker with a famous comedian and actor. Larry was also personally asked to present Steve with his Mark Twain Award.

5 Susie Essman

Susie Essman and Larry David are back in time. Unlike their fellow Curb Your Enthusiasm, the couple actually adore each other. They’ve had it ever since they started out as stand-up comedians. While Susie was pursuing a more traditional stand-up career, she claimed that Larry was a “comedian,” meaning that his colleagues considered him a genius, while the public … well … not very much. Of course, that all changed when Larry started writing. His relationship with Susie lasted all these years, as she is now one of his most frequent collaborators.

4 Cheryl Hines

Former on-screen wife Larry is also close to him in real life. Unlike any of her co-stars, she’s even close enough to talk about the storylines to Larry Curb His Enthusiasm, some of which he actually used on the show.

3 Jason Alexander

Larry and Jason just can’t stop working together. Of course, Jason played the version of Larry in George Costanza on Seinfeld. Jason later joined the cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm on several episodes. And then Jason starred in Larry’s Broadway show Fish in the Dark. Because of this, few people know Larry as well as Jason.

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2 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

During his speech at Julia’s soiree at the Mark Twain Awards, Larry said that “working with her was like being in charge of the Diamond of Hope. I felt protected and in awe all the time. ” The time they spent together on Seinfeld brought Julia and Larry together, but in fact they were already working on Saturday Night Live. Because of their history, Julia and Larry find themselves in each other’s inner circle.

one Jimmy Kimmel

Larry is a frequent guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and this is no coincidence. The two are friendly off-screen, even though they are at the beginning of their personal relationship. During a recent interview, Larry explained that he was a little surprised to be invited to Jimmy’s house for dinner, but accepted the invitation … except that he accidentally showed up a day earlier when Jimmy was not at home. However, the two appear to be trying to strengthen the off-camera bond.

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