These are the most iconic SNL running sketches of all time.

Saturday nightlifeSuccess rests on the shoulders of sketches. While the cast is one of the most important factors in whether fans really enjoy the show, there is no doubt that sketches are more important. After all, what good is a cast if they don’t have solid material to work with? There is definitely no limit to SNL’s incredible sketches. But some are so good they’ve been watched over and over again.

Some Saturday Night Live sketches go beyond casts. They pass from one SNL era to the next. While they may look different and take on a different element of the two, their essence remains the same. Other recurring Saturday Night Live sketches are line-up specific. However, they weren’t one-off parts of most of the shows. These are the moments that the writers know viewers want to watch over and over again. Whether these sketches have been brought to life by different actors or the same over and over again, they are almost certainly the most iconic.

15 Colleen Rafferty Sketches

It’s pure joy to watch guest stars like Ryan Gosling desperate not to part ways when Kate McKinnon comes across as the utterly inappropriate heavy smoker in question. While Kate is known for her impressions like her look at Justin Bieber and her other extremely rude character, Sheila Sovige, Colleen takes the cake. No wonder why so many people think this is one of the the best repeating sketches of the 2010s


14 asterisks

So many SNL stars have made this West German talk show parody famous. Perhaps most notably Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, and Chris Farley.

thirteen Matt Foley Motivational Speaker

The most iconic SNL sketch of all time might just be Chris Farley’s Down the River, where he plays Matt Foley. But the sketch is part of a much longer line. The character has appeared 9 times.

12 Night at Roxbury

Who would have thought that Will Ferrell and Chris Cattan, shaking their heads rhythmically in unison, would be so funny?

eleven Church Talk / Church Lady

“Well, isn’t that special.” … Do I need to say more? Okay … and one more thing … Dana Carvey is perhaps SNL’s most underrated star, and this recurring sketch proves it.

10 Nick The Lounge Singer

Bill Murray is an SNL legend. And choosing his best sketch would be simply too difficult. But one of his best recurring sketches is almost certainly Nick The Lounge Singer. In one form or another, Bill, who plays Nick The Lounge Singer, has appeared on the show 12 times.

9 Blues Brothers

The sketch on which the film franchise was created. Of course, Blues Brothers wasn’t the only SNL sketch adapted for the big screen, but it could be argued that the first Blues Brothers movie is SNL’s best adaptation. The repetitive sketch that made Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi famous was much smaller than the movies, but incredibly charming, cool, and obviously pretty damn funny.

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eight Mr Robinson’s neighborhood

The crude version of Mr. Rogers was Eddie Murphy’s greatest piece on Saturday Night Live. There is no doubt that he is one of the best and most beloved members of the show. And there is no doubt that he is also responsible for some of the best repetitive jokes and sketches. But there is also no doubt that Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood is the most special one.

7 Horseheads

Unlike the other recurring sketch on this list, the Coneheads have earned their own feature film thanks to their popularity. While the film wasn’t as well received, fans will always have original sketches by Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin.

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6 Californians

The Californians is the sketch that caused both Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig to lose it many times. In all fairness, many SNL stars and guest stars have been unable to contain themselves during this ongoing parody of Southern California soap operas. Not only do the SNL cast really enjoy making this recurring sketch, fans will always laugh when Fred Armisen says, “W-wouda yewww doouuuing hurrrr?”

5 Celebrity Danger

Celebrity Jeopardy was the best reason to laugh at both Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds (aka Derd Ferguson). But they were far from the only “celebrities” to participate in this hilarious parody sketch “Danger.” With the disappearance of the real Alex Trebek, there is no doubt that the sketch has lost its sharpness. But this does not mean that he will not be able to regain his charm. After all, fans love him too much for him to disappear.

4 Black danger

Many of fans love about Celebrity Jeopardy are also present in Black Jeopardy. But a later, recurring sketch plays with racial stereotypes to the point that it’s not only fun, but somewhat bold and even insightful. While guests like Tom Hanks really made this sketch fly, the credit really should go to Kenan Thompson, who plays Alex Trebek’s black version of Darnell Hayes.

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3 Wayne’s world

Wayne’s world consisted of Dana Carvey and Mike Myers. But that was the point. Nobody else could handle these two basement rockers like them. The fans loved it so much that the sketch was shown on SNL about 20 times. The recurring sketch was so beloved and so iconic that it spawned two highly successful feature films. Its lasting legacy is undeniable. Party, Garth. Party, Wayne.

2 Political satire

While many point out that SNL has become much more political than it used to be, the truth is that NBC’s sketch comedy has always gone deep into politics. Whether it’s Dana Carvey as George W. Bush, Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton or Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, there has never been a shortage of talent. amazing political jokes on SNL… While they are difficult to group into one category, they are considered one type of repeating sketch.

one Weekend update

Without a doubt, SNL’s most iconic repetitive sketch is not actually a sketch, but a multi-sketch format. While it might seem like an excuse to include the Weekend Update on this list, there’s no question that it’s the most prominent recurring element on Saturday Night Live. So many fantastic actors have taken the lead since its first incarnation in 1975. The Weekend Update is SNL’s longest running and ever-funniest sketch. In all likelihood, he will remain a part of the show until its final episode.

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