These are the most shocking revelations of The Howard Stern Show staff

Anything that comes out of the mouth Howard SternThe staff is a shocking revelation. This is why he made them such an important part of his iconic radio show. Instead of Howard’s antics or the incredible celebrity interviews that The Stern Show was solely targeting, the focus is also on his gaggle of well-paid employees. Each of them is crazier than the other. Howard loves it, as does his huge audience, which tunes in to listen to the antics of Sal Goverale, Richard Christie, Gary Dell’Abate and Robin Quiver as much as the King of All Media.

Quite frankly, it was possible to compile separate lists of shocking revelations and confessions from people like Sal, Richard and Ronnie “Limousine Driver” Mund alone. Sal, in particular, confessed to things for which anyone would be fired or expelled from society. But in truth, all of Howard’s employees have shared intimate, brutal, and even somewhat criminal stories throughout the show’s 40+ years. Here are the most shocking …

14 Richard Christie made friends with a cow cub and then ate it

Richard Christie grew up on a very rural farm in Kansas and lived a life that most listeners on The Stern Show would equate with Deliverance. In addition to all the stories that he ate riders and bathed once a month, Richard claimed to be friends with a calf calf (named “Kalfi”). Unfortunately, his father forced him to eat his new friend.


thirteen Jay Dee Harmeyer hasn’t washed sheets in over a year.

In 2015, Jay Dee Harmeyer admitted that he hadn’t washed sheets in over a year. To be honest, he didn’t. Since being scolded on the air for being completely unhygienic, JD has changed his mind.

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12 All the horror stories about hygiene by Richard Christie

When Richard was first hired on the show, Howard’s wife Beth took him to the dentist for the first time. This is partly due to the fact that he used to brush his teeth with a towel as a child. This, of course, is far from the most disgusting story about Richard’s hygiene.

eleven Sal Governale believes she can communicate with proteins

Howard loves to make fun of Sal’s spirituality. This includes Sal’s belief in magic dimes among other unusual rituals. But Sal’s revelation that the squirrel had shared “a message from the universe” with him was too …

10 Richard Christie wears diapers to concerts so as not to go to the toilet

In 2008, a very adult Richard admitted that he wore diapers at concerts so as not to go to the toilet. In his opinion, it would be a crime to miss one song. To be honest, this is after he peed in his pants during a concert without wearing a diaper.

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9 What Robin Quiver did with meat and vegetables

During the infamous 2006 game of Revelation, Robin admitted that he ate meat and vegetables in a very, very personal way.

eight Benji Bronk and Sal tried to seduce their therapist and doctor

It’s hard to put Benji on this list because every crazy thing he’s ever done (like living in a college dorm when he’s in his 40s) seems silly. But Benji admitted that he was trying to seduce his therapist. Likewise, Sal’s doctor stopped visiting him because he was trying to seduce her.

7 Jay Dee Harmeyer spent money on spoons and adult entertainment

J.D. isn’t one of the wealthiest employees on The Howard Stern Show. He’s not really made of money either. This is why Howard and his audience were shocked that he once spent his entire tax return on online adult entertainment. He also spent too much money on adult dancers in clubs and on his collection of spoons and baseball cards.

6 Richard Christie lived in a van and a closet

If Richard’s wild life on the farm wasn’t enough, he also admitted to living in both a van and a locker before getting a job on The Howard Stern Show. Despite being part of a fairly successful group, Richard saved money by living in a modernized van (with toilet) and a storage cabinet. On top of these revelations comes even more about his rough lifestyle living in these two places.

5 Awful Airplane Etiquette by Richard Christie and Sal Governor

Everything Richard and Sal do for the show is disgusting … but their love life isn’t that different. Including their terrible airplane etiquette. Richard, who is afraid to fly, admitted that he was very drunk and vomited all over his body even during the flights. He also urinated in his pants and sat in them. There was also the revelation that Richard and Sal love to take number two on planes. On top of that, Sal and Richard took turns going to the bathroom on the plane to “quench” their intimate urges.

4 Sal Governneil’s uncontrollable intimate urges

Sal is without a doubt the most unsuitable employee on the show. Some of his gags are just disgusting. But they pale in comparison to what he did in real life. This includes admitting that he is enjoying himself at work, in the McDonald’s bathroom, and while his aunt is using the toilet. Then there’s all this underwear bullshit and his apology to Matt’s daughter. In any world other than The Stern Show, Sal would have been fired and cut off from society.

3 Ronnie Mund’s inappropriate reaction to finding his parents in bed with a neighbor

If Ronnie’s admission that he put his mom and dad to bed with a neighbor was not big enough, then his comments about what he did after were even more shocking. Despite being a hormonal teenager at the time, his reaction was pretty rude.

2 Exposing Artie Lange’s Addiction and His First Time Almost Completely

There is no person in The Stern Show story who has had a harder time than Howard’s former co-host. Although Artie spoke openly about his addiction problems and his first attempt on his life while performing in a stance, he was never more brutal honest than when he was on the show. He even cried, confessing his addiction. Unfortunately, his problems did not improve until his almost tragic departure from the show in 2011.

one Robin Quiver’s abuse by her father

Robin uses terrible experiences she went through with her father in childhood as a satirical weapon. As dark and terrible as her experiences are, she constantly finds funny ways to make them easier to digest. However, the fact that she confessed this on the Stern Show and talked about it many times on the air is truly shocking. Without a doubt, this is the most memorable discovery in the history of the Stern show.

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