These are the richest people. Zoë Kravitz is romantically linked.

Actress Zoe Krautz has been famous since the day she was born – for those who don’t know, she is the daughter of rock star Lenny Krautz and actress Lisa Bonnet. Zoo began its work in 2007. No reservations. And since then, it has taken Hollywood by storm. The actress has acted like a blockbuster. X-Men: First Class., Divergent. Franchise, and Crazy Max: Rosh Road., As well as shows. Big and small lies. And High loyalty.

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Considering that fans around the world may not be enough for the actress, it is not surprising that many people have also invested in her private life. Today, we are focusing on Zoë’s love life and all the people she has been romantically attached to for years. Although the actress has dated some celebrities during her career, today we are focusing on the ones who are worth the most. For those who are thinking, the actress currently has an estimated value. $ 8 million.. If you’ve ever wondered which of Zoë’s celebrities (current and past) are the richest – keep scrolling to find out!

Ezra Miller (2010) – Net worth $ 3 million.

Deleting the list is actor Azra Miller. Zoë Kravitz and The benefits of having a wall flower. The star was briefly connected to each other. In 2010 When he was filming a romantic comedy. Beware of Gonzo.. Azra Miller He gained fame as Kevin in the 2011 drama film. We need to talk about Kevin., And according to Celebrity Networth.The talented actor is currently estimated to have a net worth. $ 3 million. Which puts them at number seven on today’s list.

Pan Badley (2011-2013) – Net worth $ 8 million.

Next on the list is the actor. Pan Badley.. Of وائیyou Starr and Zoë Kravitz start dating. In 2011 And at the time, the two were often seen outside.

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Unfortunately, the two Hollywood stars broke up in 2013. Pan Budgley rose to fame as Don Humphrey in the teen drama show Talking girl In 2007 and accordingly. Celebrity Networth., Pan Badley is currently estimated to have a net worth. $ 8 million. Which puts it at spot number six. As those who have paid close attention already know, the famous actor and Zoo Krautz currently have the same net worth!

Ben Foster (2007-2008) – Net worth $ 12 million.

At the top of today’s list is opener Ben Foster, who dated actress Zoo Krautz. August 2007 to June 2008. At the time, the two were not shy about their relationship and were often seen together in public. Ben Foster rose to fame in 1996 on the Disney Channel show. Flash forward. And according to Celebrity Networth., Punisher It is currently estimated that the total value of the star. $ 12 million..

Chris Pine (2014-2015) – Net worth $ 30 million.

Another Hollywood star who made it to today’s list is Chris Pine. Actor and Zoë Kravitz were connected. September 2014 to February 2015.

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Chris Pine made his acting debut as Lord Durex in in 2004. Princess Diary 2: The royal engagement. And currently – according to. Celebrity Worth – Of Star Trek The total value of the reboot star is estimated. $ 30 million. Which puts it at number four.

Michael Foss Bender (2010-2011) – Net worth $ 40 million.

Opening the top three on today’s list is actor Michael Foss Bender. Associated with Hollywood star Zoë Kravitz. 2010 and 2011. – Before the actress started dating Pan Badley. Michael Foss Bender debuted on the big screen with a fantasy epic film. 300 In 2007 and accordingly. Celebrity Networth., X-Men It is currently estimated that the total value of the star. $ 40 million..

Channing Tatum (2021-present) – Net worth $ 80 million.

Today’s list includes runner-up actor Channing Tatum, whom Zoë Kravitz is currently dating. The two stars first met together in August 2021, which means their relationship is quite new. Channing Tatum started his acting career with a drama film. Coach Carter. In 2005 and accordingly. Celebrity Networth., The magic mic It is currently estimated that the total value of the star. 80 million. – But it wasn’t enough to put him in the number one position.

Drake (2013) – Net worth $ 200 million.

And finally, wrapping up the list is one of Zoë Kravitz’s rumored celebrities – the Canadian rapper Drake. The musician and the actress were connected. In November and December 2013However, they never confirmed any relationship. According to Celebrity Networth., The Canadian musician currently has an impressive net worth. $ 200 million. – Which puts it ahead of everyone on today’s list!

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Channing Tatum hired a counselor to work with his ex-wife, Gina Dewan, in child custody.

Channing Tatum hired a counselor to work with his ex-wife, Gina Dewan, in child custody.

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