These are the richest stars of the “Island of Love” after they left the villa

It cannot be denied that the British dating reality show Island of love puts the lives of its actors right into the spotlight upon their appearance on the show. As soon as the participants step into the villa, they also enter the world of fame in front of the public. As their fan base grows, so does the number of opportunities they will receive to advance their careers and equity capital after leaving Island of love villa.

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The premise of the show is centered around the search for love, and although many Island of love the couples stay together like recent members Liam Reardon and Millie Court, others are not so fortunate in keeping their relationship alive in the real world. However, this does not seem to be a deterrent to the level of fame the members can achieve, as both singles and couples have been able to build extremely successful careers after participating in the show. So let’s take a look at some of Island of lovethe biggest stars and which of them was able to accumulate the highest net worth.

eight Alex Bowen and Olivia Bowen for £ 4.5 million

1st and 1st richest Island of love Alumni – Alex and Olivia Bowen, runner-up in season two. Since leaving Island of love villa The couple have successfully built their careers through several business and leisure ventures. This will include things like Olivia’s own Miss Pap outfit range and their joint side shows such as Olivia & Alex: Happily Ever After… Due to their marital status, their joint equity capital is estimated at £ 4.5 million. in accordance with Tab


7 Molly Mae Haig – £ 2.4 million

In second place is Season 5, Molly Mae Haig. Haig had a career in social media before entering the villa in 2019. This, of course, increased significantly after leaving Island of love villa. 3 years after its appearance on Island of love and the 22-year-old millionaire has managed to climb the career ladder in the world of fashion business. This is best reflected in her status as Creative Director for the global brand Pretty Little Thing. Like her current partner Tommy Fury, Haig is worth an estimated £ 2.4 million.

6 Tommy Fury – £ 2.4 million

Ranked third among richest Island of love Alum is Haig’s partner and runner-up professional light heavyweight boxer Tommy Fury. Even before he got to the 2019 villa, Fury had already begun building his athletic career under the family influence of boxing legend about older brother Tyson Fury. Leaving the villa, Fury continued to develop his boxing career with 6 wins after the show finale. More recently, Fury’s feud with YouTuber Jake Paul brought him into the spotlight as they gear up for a match. However, the controversy between them came to an end when Fury announced that he was withdrawing due to injury. Fury’s fortune is estimated at 2.4 million pounds.

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5 Dani Dyer – £ 2.2 million

After finishing fourth and nearly finishing in the top three, season four winner Dani Dyer. Back in 2018, Dyer and now ex-boyfriend Jack Fincham captured the hearts of viewers by bonding in the very first episode of the season and staying together throughout the season. Unfortunately, after leaving the villa, the couple lived together for only 9 months, until they decided to leave. Regardless, Dyer’s career continued to flourish as she became the face of Surf and even tried myself on television. Dyer’s fortune is estimated at £ 2.2 million.

4 Amber Gill, £ 2 million

Next up is 2019 contestant Amber Gill. Throughout the series’ fifth season, Gill experienced several ups and downs at the villa when partner Michael Griffiths brutally abandoned her for Casa Amor’s Joanna Cimonides. However, after ex-boyfriend Gregg O’Shea’s appearance, Gill won the streak. After leaving the villa, Gill not only appeared on British television, but also managed to establish a partnership with clothing mogul Miss Papa back in 2019. Gill’s net worth is estimated at around £ 2 million.

3 Megan Burton Hanson £ 2m

In sixth place is our 2018 season 4 alumna Meghan Barton Hanson. During her stay at the villa, Barton Hanson dated reality TV star-turned-musician Wes Nelson. Despite their rocky relationship, the couple left the villa together, finishing fourth of the season. Nelson and Burton Hanson only lasted 6 months after Island of love before deciding to dismiss. Since then, Barton Hanson has appeared on television several times, such as on reality shows. Celebrities go on dates in 2019. The reality star is worth an estimated £ 2 million.

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2 Amber Davis – £ 1.7 million

Next up is West End star Amber Davis. Davis won the 3rd season Island of love together with ex-boyfriend Kem Chetinai. After leaving the villa, Davis continued her career in musical theater and even managed to get a role in a West End production from 9 to 5 back in 2018. Davis is currently worth an estimated £ 1.7 million.

one Kem etinai £ 1.4 million

And, finally, in eighth place in terms of wealth is the former “second half” of Davis and co-winner Kem Cetinai. After leaving the villa back in 2017, Cetinay went on to appear on many British reality shows, such as his own spin-off series. You Against. Chris and Whom… More recently, Cetinay ventured into the world of the culinary business by opening new restaurant “Massive” together with Nadir Gul. Cetinay’s net worth is estimated at around £ 1.4 million.

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