These celebrities appeared on Seinfeld before they became famous

Sitcoms are a huge part of television, and while some of them are formulaic, they are still difficult to implement. Do it right and you have a hit that will last ten years. Make a mistake, and your pilot will either not be picked up, or you will leave in a hurry.

Seinfeld is one of the greatest sitcoms in history, and over the course of its extended viewing period, it has given young performers the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of large audiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have been on Seinfeld before you become stars.

eight Sarah Silverman was on the show in 1997

X Sarah Silverman Seinfeld

Sarah Silverman certainly excelled in her life in the entertainment industry, but long before her name became a household name with her brilliant comedy, Silverman took a guest spot on Seinfeld… It was a huge win for the young actress and set the stage for what was to come in her career.


7 Brian Cranston won several episodes of Seinfeld

Brian Cranston Seinfeld

In just five episodes, Brian Cranston played Dr. Tim Watley in the series. Seinfeldand it was several years before he got his breakout role in Malcolm in the spotlight… Sure, some stars would be completely happy with one hit show under their belt, but as fans should see, Brian Cranston will play Walter White in Breaking bad, later becoming a legend of the small screen.

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6 Megan Mullally was there before Will and Grace

Megan Mullally at Seinfeld

Back in 1993, Megan Mullally was an actress who was still finding her foothold in the entertainment industry, and she ended up getting a role in one episode of the series. Seinfeld… Mullally’s character actually meets George Costanza in this episode, and Teri Hatcher was also involved in the same episode, so it acts like a kind of double whack. It is unlikely, of course, to turn into a dynamo. Will and Grace

5 Jon Favreau was still looking for a big break

Jon Favreau on Seinfeld

Long before he became a renowned filmmaker with films such as Elf, Iron Man, and The jungle book to his credit, Jon Favreau was an actor who was still striving to achieve his breakthrough in Hollywood. He played a role in the episode Seinfeld, which preceded his six-part work on Friends after some time. In the end, Favreau wowed the audience with his work behind the camera, but at the same time managed to make them laugh in front of the camera.

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4 Mariska Hargitay once became a legend

Mariska Hargitay Seinfeld

Mariska Hargitay is a television legend who hardly needs to be introduced, but it wasn’t always like that. Early in her career, before playing Olivia Benson in Law and order: SVU, the younger Hargitay ended up briefly working Seinfeld… At the time, few knew that it would become nothing more than a powerhouse on the small screen. It is truly amazing to see what she has done since Seinfeld

3 Jeremy Piven scored Seinfeld ahead of Ellen and Entourage

Jeremy Piven on Seinfeld

Before Jeremy Piven became a television star through appearances in popular projects such as Ellen and Entourage, he played smaller roles in the show, hoping to find something that would grab the attention of a mainstream audience. In the end, Piven will hit the streak Seinfeld, which certainly helped him get off the ground. To say that everything is working out would be an understatement.

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2 Lauren Graham went from New York to Star Hollow

Lauren Graham at Seinfeld

Lauren Graham is a rare example of someone who has been a major contributor to two hugely successful shows in her career, and it just goes to show what she can bring to any project. However, before she went out with her daughter Rory and Stars Hollow, Graham could catch the role on the Seinfeld… Three years later, Gilmore girls a knock came and she became a huge star on her own.

one Daniel Dae Kim used Seinfeld as a jump point

Daniel Dae Kim On Seinfeld

Daniel Dae Kim is the perfect example of someone who underestimated a career in Hollywood. He’s been on more successful projects than many think, and a quick look at his credits will reveal that Kim has been crushing him for years. Previously, his name became a household name largely due to the fact that he Heroes, he was able to get a one-time role on Seinfeld… It wasn’t much, but it helped him get to where he is now.

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