These celebrities have turned down prestigious awards

For most artists, the climax of their careers comes when they receive some of the most coveted awards in their fields. For example, Halle Berry became the very first African American woman to receive an Oscar for Best Actress back in 2002.

This was for her work in Monster ball from Mark Forster a year earlier. It’s an achievement that she still remembers, although the fact that she remains the only black woman to make the achievement means she finds it heartbreaking.

On the other hand, for some stars, receiving a prestigious award may go against the core value of their life, or may not matter as much. After waiting most of his career to win an Oscar, legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock gave one of the shortest welcoming speeches, “Thank you.”

Other Hollywood bigwigs have gone further by ditching some of the much-coveted gongs for various personal reasons. Here are some of the big stars, from musician David Bowie to great actor Marlon Brando, who have declined to accept outstanding awards.

eight William Daniels – Tony for Best Supporting Actor

Ben Savage as Corey Matthews and William Daniels as Mr. Feeney in Boy Meets World
via: Vulture

While most people will cite moralistic reasons for refusing prizes, William Daniels had a more egocentric reason for refusing a Tony Award nomination in 1969. 1776 g., he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

However, in Daniels’ eyes, his character John Adams was a leading role, not a minor one. As a consequence, he withdrew his name for award consideration.


7 Marlon Brando – Academy Award for Best Actor

Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in the opera

Marlon Brando has already been nominated for Best Actor Academy Awards five times (winning once) when he was called up for the trophy again in 1972. This time it was for his memorable performance as Don Vito Corleone in Godfather

In the same year, Native American actress Sachin Littlefeather visited its place. She expressed his desire not to receive an awardto protest the treatment of Native Americans in the industry.

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6 David Bowie – CBE and Chivalry

British musician David Bowie

British singer David Bowie has received numerous awards for his 69-year life and his musical career spanning the best of those years. In addition to six Grammy Awards, Bowie was also a one-time Daytime Emmy, along with his one BAFTA. He was once nominated for a Golden Globe.

What he was never interested in were awards that were not directly related to his work, so he turned down the CBE in 2000 and turned down the award. chivalry from the queen three years later.

5 Axl Rose – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Guns N 'Roses Lead Vocalist Axl Rose
via: Esquire

American hard rock band Guns N ‘Roses was scheduled to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. While the other members were preparing to take part in the intro, lead vocalist Axl Rose announced that he would be skipping the event.

However, the ceremony proceeded as planned, and Rose was forced to apologize to his fans a few days after being insulted.

4 Albert Finney – Chivalry

Julia Roberts and Albert Finney in
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Erin Brockovich Actor Albert Finney, who beat David Bowie, dropped the CBE in 1980 and then became a knight again in 2000. The London-born star has hoisted her country’s flag high in dramatic art since the 1960s.

However, when offered Britain’s highest political honor, he abandoned it, calling the system “a disease that perpetuates snobbery.”

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3 Sinead O’Connor – four Grammy nominations

Irish musician Sinead O'Connor
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In 1991, the controversial Irish musician Sinead O’Connor was nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year. This was her second time to win a Grammy after losing to Tina Turner for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance last year.

What could have been a momentous event for O’Connor turned dramatic when she dropped out, citing “false and destructive materialistic values” in the music industry.

2 George S. Scott – Academy Award for Best Actor

Actor George S. Scott
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In 1970, actor George Scott won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in a biographical war film. Patton… This was his third Oscar nomination, despite the fact that he had previously sent a letter to the Academy warning them that he would not accept any recognition from them.

Scott’s argument was that each artistic performance is unique and therefore cannot be compared or judged with another. The following year, he was again nominated for the same award, although this time the winner was Gene Hackman for his role as Detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle in the film. French connection

one Julie Andrews – Tony for Best Actress in a Musical

Julie Andrews as Victoria Grant in Victor / Victoria
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Julie Andrews is an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar winner. The only thing missing from her repertoire to catapult her into the exclusive EGOT winner class is Tony. She almost did it in 1996, when everyone assumed that she would win for the role of Victoria Grant in the musical. Victor / Victoria

She, however, turned down her candidacy after she said she felt the rest of the show was overlooked at that year’s awards ceremony. She has also not appeared in a theatrical production since then, greatly reducing the chances of her ever reaching the coveted EGOT status. NEXT: This actor won an Oscar in just 24 minutes of screen time

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