These celebrities refuse to hire stuntmen or stuntmen

Action movies require the use of stunts to create spectacle, and major franchises like the MCU take this to perfection. These wild stunts help viewers really immerse themselves in the movie. Stars like Chris Pratt often use stunt doubles, but others prefer to do everything on their own.

Although stars can get injured during filming, many still manage to get through the task. It’s not easy, but there’s a reason these performers are paid big bucks by film studios playing dice in big productions.

Let’s take a look at Hollywood’s most daring actors who are known for their own stunts.

10 Henry Cavill did his stunts in The Witcher

Henry Cavill has played his fair share of roles in the business and this includes his time playing Superman in the DCEU and his time playing August Walker in Mission impossible franchise. Cavill made headlines when it was revealed that he does his tricks for his popular series, Witcher.


9 Brie Larson Is The Real Hero Who Played Captain Marvel

Brie Larson is an integral part of the MCU, and the Captain Marvel star has been known to pull off her own stunts while filming. Larson’s dedication to the role has helped Captain Marvel become more popular than ever, and her next film, Wonders, promises to be a resounding success on the big screen.

eight Tom Holland does as many Spider-Man stunts as possible

If you’re going to play Spider-Man, then you’d better be prepared to get your hands dirty. After all, with great power comes, you know. Tom Holland obviously can’t ride all over New York, but he gets in the mix with his own stunts whenever he can while filming.

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7 Milla Jovovich ran the business for the Resident Evil franchise

That Resident Evil the franchise has been a lot cooler than some think, and having starred in the franchise, Milla Jovovich has never shied away from doing her own stunts. It certainly helped her performance, and the fans who supported the franchise were genuinely grateful for what she brought.

6 Adam Driver was as real as it gets when playing Kylo Ren

star Wars provided a major platform for a number of smaller acts, and the franchise was instrumental in establishing Adam Driver as a force in Hollywood. While playing Kylo Ren, Driver practiced a lot, which led to him performing many of his own stunts during his trilogy of films.

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5 Charlize Theron regularly performs her stunts

Having starred in far more action films than some suspect, Charlize Theron is used to doing her own thing on set. Theron has performed her own stunts in such films explosive blonde and Mad Max: Fury Road, and fans would like to see this trend continue in her future releases.

4 Tom Cruise has been doing his own stunts for years

This is one of the most famous examples of a performer performing his own stunts, the most famous of which is Jackie Chan. Tom Cruise has been insisting on doing his own stunts for years now, and this man really takes that to the extreme when filming. This, however, resulted in him suffering several nasty injuries.

3 Jennifer Lawrence to star in The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence has starred in numerous action movies during her time in the business, and her work in The Hunger Games The franchise helped her become a star. She used her training to pull off a lot of stunts, which made her time playing Katniss even better than it already would have been.

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2 Daniel Craig was the real James Bond

If you’re going to play 007, then you’d better be prepared to do the hard work to help fans truly immerse themselves in the movie. Daniel Craig was the standout James Bond, and to take his acting up a notch, the star was willing to pull off some of his own stunts. Now that his time as 007 has come to an end, he needs to fill his huge shoes.

one Margot Robbie holding it back like Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie couldn’t have been a better choice to play Harley Quinn in the DCEU as she looks and sounds on screen. However, her ability to pull off a lot of stunts has helped her, and because of that, it’s easy to see why she’s been such a big part of DC’s plans over the years.

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