These celebrities want their tattoo ink to disappear

Celebrities living in the spotlight get coverage for just about everything they do. This is especially true for the most popular names in headlines at any given moment. These days, you can hardly spend a few minutes not seeing something about Megan Fox or Kourtney Kardashian.

Being famous means that a lot becomes obvious, even if it’s unflattering. This is especially true for tattoos, as some celebrities have had bad tattoos that have caught the attention of the media.

Let’s take a look at some famous names that have had deplorable tattoos.

eight Ariana Grande sparks controversy over her seven-ring tattoo

Ariane Grande Tattoo

When it comes to catastrophic celebrity tattoos, this is a recent tattoo that made headlines for completely wrong reasons. Ariana Grande got a tattoo for her 7 Rings album, but the problem was that it was not spelled correctly. In accordance with Exclaim, her tattoo read Japanese Barbecue Finger. It was a colossal mistake, and social media criticized the singer for her tattoo mistake.


7 Adam Levin doesn’t like Russian prison style tattoo

Adam Levine Tattoo

What the hell could go wrong with getting a tattoo inspired by a Russian prison tattoo? Well, Adam Levine learned the hard way when he recently got his annoying tattoo. Levine really regretted the tattoo and, after trying to surround it with fresh ink, said it looked like “cauliflower with the sun in the center.” Ouch.

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6 Angelina Jolie deleted her ex’s name

Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on someone’s name can be a risk in and of itself, but this is especially true when it is the name of a significant other person. Angelina Jolie stole headlines years ago when she got a tattoo of Billy Bob Thornton’s name on her arm, and it definitely got people wondering how long they would actually last as a couple. And so, the duo broke up, and subsequently the name Jolie was removed.

5 Ben Affleck caught off guard for his tattoo

Ben Affleck Tattoo

Every now and then, a celebrity tattoo makes headlines for completely wrong reasons, and that is exactly what happened when Ben Affleck was photographed with his giant tattoo on his back. People toasted the actor on social networks, but Affleck did not get rid of it. We can only imagine what it was like for the actor to overcome the negative reaction he received for this, and supposedly his current hobby, Jennifer Lopez, is not his fan.

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4 Jessica Alba tried to remove her neck tattoo

Jessica Alba tattoo

Jessica Alba has a few tattoos that she regrets, but we’re going to focus on the neck tattoo as more people will see this tattoo rather than the one on her lower back. While she does regret both tattoos, Alba discussed the neck tattoo and her attempts to get rid of it, saying, “I got it when I was 17, for example, and I was so annoyed I got it. times and does not come out. “

3 Farrell put out the fire in his arms

Farrell's tattoos

At one point, Farrell was known for many things, including his many tattoos. In the end, the singer made the decision to remove these tattoos from his body. Farrell said that he “got them as fast as he could” during “a really crazy rebellious period,” but clearly it shouldn’t have lasted long. The flame was especially bad, but the singer changed position and moved on.

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2 Kelly Osbourne has her “lovely” tattoo removed

Kelly Osbourne has amassed a lot of ink over the years of her life in the spotlight, and in recent years she has spent some time and money getting rid of some. Her “Lovely” tattoo was one of many that the star got rid of, although she has ink, in particular her brother’s name, that will remain.

one Blake Shelton is not a fan of his own barbed wire

Blake Shelton's Tattoos

In this case, we must at least give credit to Blake Shelton, who created this tattoo himself. Of course, this does not negate the fact that this is a bad tattoo, which Shelton himself even admitted to. The tattoo was supposed to be a deer footprint, but as Shelton pointed out, most people think they are ladybugs. Shelton also said: “I probably have the shittest tattoo – not only in country music, but possibly in the world as well.”

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