These celebrities were banned from the Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern holds grudges. That means his SiriusXM radio show too. While many of the celebrities that Howard once had a falling out with have forgiven him and he has forgiven them, there are a few who have yet to achieve it. Of course, fans of The Howard Stern Show know that the radio legend is long gone from the days when he feuded with all the celebrities under the sun. In fact, he’s now become one of the best celebrity interviewers in … well … history. But there are a few that he wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

Some of the celebrities banned from The Howard Stern Show have a long history of being on the program. Others have encountered Howard in his personal life. While the King of All Media has shown his ability to evolve and even forge relationships with those who were once considered his enemies, these celebrities will not be on the show for now.

9 Artie Lange

Fans of the 2000s Howard Stern Show are still not thrilled with what happened to Howard’s former co-host. They are saddened not only by the state of Artie’s relationship with Howard, but also by the dire addiction issues he continues to deal with. At the time of this writing famous and controversial comedian sober and stay out of the limelight for the very reason Howard banned him from the show. After the attempt on his life, Howard felt that he could no longer give Artie a huge platform on which his illness could use everyone in sight.

While Artie waged a war against Howard throughout the 2010s following his tragic departure from the show, he has relented lately. In fact, Artie told the press that Howard was the “most generous” person and that he only had good thoughts about him. It’s unclear if that, combined with his sobriety, will bridge the gap between the two former colleagues.

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eight Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams stated that Howard was one of the inspiration behind her career. She even said it to his face during an interview on his show. However, the relationship between them soured after she showed disrespect during an interview, saying that he “left for Hollywood.”

She later did this on her own show in a much harsher manner, prompting Howard to rant about her on the air. According to People, Howard later apologized, stating that it was his “worst case scenario.” But that didn’t stop him from beating Wendy again the following year, when she hit the Radio Hall of Fame before him. While Howard is now struggling not to talk about Wendy, it’s clear that she is no longer welcomed on his show.

7 Simon Cowell

Few celebrities hate Howard more than Simon Cowell. Although Simon was on The Howard Stern Show alongside his former American Idol judges in the early days of the reality hit, he hasn’t been in for years. Howard never found Simon particularly interesting. But in 2016, Howard’s indifference turned into real hatred.

During the Sony hack, emails were released from Simon demanding that Howard be fired from his position as judge in America’s Got Talent so that he could take his place. Simon then made a bogus apology to Howard, stating that this was not what he had in mind. Since then, Howard rarely missed the chance to ridicule Simon and summon him for bad behavior.

6 Gilbert Gottfried

Aladdin’s star and acclaimed comedian Gilbert Gottfried was one of the best roles in The Howard Stern Show in the 2000s. He was a regular guest who did not shy away from controversy. While the Comedy Central Roast icon has calmed down in recent years, it’s clear Howard is not interested in inviting him back to the show. So what happened? Well, Gilbert crossed the line with Howard when he spat on the staff cupcakes in the SiriusXM hallway. Despite trying to play a joke, Gilbert showed incredible disrespect to Howard’s employees when he was off the air.

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5 Jackie Marling

Comedian Jackie Martling was Howard’s first co-host besides Robin Quiver. Due to the fact that he was on the show, he felt that he was far more contributing to its success than his superiors. After a controversy over the contract, Jackie left The Stern Show. He expected Howard, Robin, Fred Norris and Gary Dell’Abate to support him, but they didn’t. Jackie left the Stern Show without warning and was soon replaced by Artie Lange. Although he and Howard had a fairly positive relationship in the years that followed, things soon soured. Jackie started beating Howard along with other former employees, and this led to the “joker” being banned.

4 Jim Florentin

Jim Florentin was another comedian who made frequent appearances on The Stern Show. But there is no chance that he will ever return due to the show’s evolution from the extremely poignant material that Jim provides. More importantly, Jim once dated Robin Quiver. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to be around Jim, and Howard is happy to be of service.

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3 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson hasn’t been on the Stern Show and never will. Like other stars, Howard shouted the actor Braveheart and famous director for being an anti-Semite… Howard did not shy away from performing various recorded tirades in which Mel uttered sexist, homophobic, anti-Jewish, racist and aggressive language. He also interviewed Mel’s ex-wife in an attempt to expose him as the man many consider him to be.

2 Andy Dick

Andy Dick was effectively canceled and banned from all shows. So it’s no surprise The Howard Stern Show is one of them. Andy’s behavior as a guest on The Stern Show pushed Howard’s buttons several times. But their relationship ended in 2011 when Andy threw various anti-Semitic insults at Howard. This caused Howard to completely gut him live.

one Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton has been a member of some of the Stern Show’s most iconic gags of the 2010s. But according to a 2020 interview with Page Six, Perez believes he has been banned.

The controversial artist said his request to promote his book was denied and that he was essentially the ghost of the organization. At this point, Howard hasn’t said anything about Perez and it looks like they haven’t had a falling out. On the other hand, Perez repeatedly beat Howard’s most famous guests.

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