These celebrities will never be in Howard Stern’s inner circle.

There has been a lot of talk about celebrities who don’t like Howard Stern… It looks like it’s because the radio legend spent a lot of time beating them up. In the first half of his career, Howard was a shocking athlete who loved to push buttons and ruin the lives of the rich and famous. But he went through a little evolution that opened the door for him to actually make friends with some of the people he shadowed over the years. But just because Howard is kinder to celebrities doesn’t mean he likes them all.

While there are stars who make it clear that they are not fans of the SiriusXM radio host, Howard is equally honest about who he dislikes. He stated that he is open to interviews with virtually everyone on his show if he can find an interesting point of view. But he almost certainly doesn’t want to hang out with everyone. Here are the celebrities that Howard actively hated (rightly or wrongly) even as recently as December 2021, and who would never have been invited to become part of his inner circle.

10 Mel Gibson

Howard just doesn’t understand how someone like Mel Gibson hasn’t been canceled yet. Although much of Hollywood accepted the famous director and actor even after his many scandals, Howard constantly challenges him. As well as recent article in The AtlanticHoward believes Mel has consistently displayed violent anti-Semitic ideology on top of sexism, homophobia and racism. While Howard isn’t afraid to spark controversy in his comedy, he has always spoken out against these issues. And as a Jew himself, he cannot put up with the supposed views of Mel Gibson.


9 Simon Cowell

There are a few celebrities that Howard hates more than Simon Cowell. He makes this clear to every member of his audience. Every time a former American Idol judge appears, Howard is sure to fire a rocket at him. Their feud stems from the leaked emails of Simon trying to fire Howard from America’s Got Talent when he was a judge. After a fake apology from Simon in 2016, Howard went on the air to express his anger … and he never stopped. Howard also believes that Simon “has no talent” and therefore cannot judge anyone.

eight Jennifer Lopez

While Howard may have recently befriended Ben Affleck after his high-profile interview, he simply has no interest in Jennifer Lopez. Of course, Jennifer doesn’t want to go to his show either. Howard made it clear that he hates Jennifer’s music and her attitude in general. But his feelings are not only based on her reputation in Hollywood, they are based on personal experience. In one episode of his show, he explained that Jennifer was extremely rude to him when they met at the wedding.

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7 Jay Leno

During the nightly wars between Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Conan O’Brien, Howard made it clear that he wanted Jay to die. After numerous unsuccessful appearances on his show, Howard took a dislike to Jay. But Howard began to absolutely hate Jay after a talk show host poached one of his employees. Rarely was Jay’s name mentioned in The Stern Show where Howard did not ridicule Jay or explicitly declare that he “hated” him.

6 Aaron Rogers

Howard said some harsh words about football quarterback Aaron Rogers after athlete lied about COVID-19 vaccination… Not only has Howard bluntly called Aaron a “liar,” but on numerous recent shows, the radio legend has repeatedly criticized Aaron for endangering his teammates by not kindly telling them about it. Howard did not hide it, he hates Aaron Rogers: It certainly doesn’t hurt that Howard never got in the way of a football fan.

5 Joe Rogan

There was a time when Joe Rogan made regular appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Not only that, Joe publicly praised Howard and stated that he opened the door for his career. But over the years, the two have been arguing about ratings. More importantly, Howard and Joe have some really serious political differences, mostly related to vaccines. Like Aaron Rogers, Howard spoke out against the spread of Joe’s disinformation during a pandemic.

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4 Taylor swift

Howard just doesn’t understand Taylor’s music. On his show, he said that he didn’t find her terrible, but he didn’t understand her attractiveness as an artist. While he applauded her for telling fans about her politics, he also cautioned men against dating the music superstar. While he knows men (especially famous ones) can be bad in relationships, he sees a trend in Taylor’s romantic story that is one big red flag.

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3 Oprah

Howard’s co-host Robin Quivers frequently comments on Howard’s obsession with Oprah. And he openly admits that she is right. Howard is constantly thinking about Oprah. There is no doubt that he has a difficult relationship with her as he watches all of her interviews. But he was also very critical of her interviewing skills as well as her reputation in the industry. On top of that, he scolded her for showing elitism and snobbery with fans, and even criticized her for her poor work ethic when she had a brief deal with SiriusXM, where he works.

2 Roger Waters

The former Pink Floyd frontman is one of Howard’s biggest enemies. Whether Rog knows it or not, Howard absolutely hates him. Like Mel Gibson, Howard (and Anti-defamation league) believe that Roger adhered to a number of anti-Semitic beliefs and comments, and also repeatedly demonized Israel for nefarious reasons.

one Donald Trump

There was a time when Howard Stern was friends with former President Donald Trump, but those days are long gone. While they were never particularly close, the two did attend each other’s recent weddings, and Howard claims that Donald was one of his best guests on The Stern Show. But Howard absolutely hated Donald Trump as a political candidate and even more so as a president. He wasted no time criticizing Donald and calling him names. While Donald seemed afraid to strike back at Howard (due to his immense influence over part of his base), there seems to be no love between the two.

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