These fan-favorite characters who almost got kicked off the show

Good shows need good characters if they’re to succeed, and the networks think it’s a lot harder than some think. Shows how Friends shows do it right, but others are completely untrue.

Some shows are almost corrupted by characters and some fans hate characters like Susan from Seinfeld. It’s a balancing act for every show, and even the biggest shows are perilously close to the wrong formula.

The characters on this list were fantastic, but at some point they ended up on the block, which could have a devastating ripple effect on their hit show. Let’s take a look at which characters stuck in and helped their shows stay great.

10 Eleven Nearly Sacrificed Theirself on the Set of Stranger Things

Before becoming a pop culture sensation that the masses couldn’t get enough of, very strange things it was not expected to last longer than one season. Because of this, the show’s creators considered having Eleven sacrifice himself early on. Luckily, the show became a huge hit and the character became very popular.


9 Klaus almost missed The Originals

It’s almost impossible to imagine that Klaus won’t be around for a long time, especially since he ended up becoming a key figure in Originals, also. However, there was a moment when this character didn’t intend to survive, but Joseph Morgan was simply too good in the role for the character to meet an untimely end.

eight Spike almost quit Buffy early

Spike is a fan favorite from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the decision to take him off the show would be a disaster. Although it was only intended to last a few episodes, it was clear that the character was simply too good to be written off, and so the creative team wisely left him.

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7 Jesse Pinkman was not supposed to star in Breaking Bad for a long time

How the hell was that even considered? Jesse Pinkman is one of the most famous television characters of all time, but if things had turned out differently, he would simply have gone down in history. If Jesse got rid of, it’s simply impossible to say how things would have turned out for Breaking bad.

6 Detective Fin was only supposed to appear in a few episodes of SVU.

Being on the show for many years, it’s impossible to imagine SVU functioning without detective Fin. However, the character was originally only cast in a few episodes. Ice-T was so good in this role that the decision was made to leave him forever. Hundreds of episodes later and we’d say the choice was right.

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5 Jack was close to leaving Lost

For some reason Lost was going to kill the main character in the first episode. It’s hard to believe, but the truth is often stranger than fiction. The original plan was for Jack to meet his creator in the show’s pilot episode, but the management wised up and kept him as the main character of the popular show.

4 Meredith was close to leaving The Office for good.

Now Meredith might just be a minor character in Officebut every single person at Dunder Mifflin played a part in the success of the show. At one point, the idea of ​​having Michael kill Meredith in a car crash was scrapped, but the writers instead opted for Meredith to just get hurt.

3 Carol almost met a dark fate in The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Carol’s mainstay has been on the show for years, but previously she was almost zombie food. However, in this case, another character was put in her place. That character was T-Dog, who met his end in the third season. Just imagine the show without Carol and Daryl’s relationship.

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2 Castiel almost got lost in Supernatural

Some characters are simply too good to leave the show early, and that was exactly the case with Castiel. It was originally planned that he would only appear in a few episodes, but he was so popular with the audience that the creative team simply did not have the opportunity to get rid of him. Wise move.

one Andy Dwyer nearly flew out of his house at Parks and Recreation

Love Andy Dwyer? Well, the character only got the chance to become a fan favorite after the decision was made to keep him to himself. In the alternate universe, this character leaves after the first season and the series loses a key element that helped it become a hit.

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