These hit series nearly ended after lawsuits

There are a lot of things going on in a TV show and they need to be balanced and it can be tricky. They need to balance a huge team, a cast that might have trouble working together, and the weight of the expectations placed on them. It’s hard work, but any show looking to be successful must be able to do it.

Unfortunately, other things can come into play as well, such as when the show gets sued when they least expect it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the shows that have been sued over the years.

eight “Nude Dating” Sued For Gross Blunder

dating naked show

It really was a case when people had to feel sorry for the person who participated in the trial. Years ago, TV series Dating Naked Jesse Nisewitz is suing after failing to blur her genitals on screen. This has resulted in millions of viewers seeing the contestant’s revelations, and this should not be dealt with by anyone. Unfortunately, the claim was dismissed and nothing was decided by the participant.


7 “New girl” was sued for allegedly robbing

New girl It may have been a popular sitcom that millions of people loved to watch, but the show was initially sued for being viewed as a robbery of another pilot who had already been featured online. Stephanie Graafs and Shari Gold were the pilot for a show called Square which apparently had a lot to do with successful New girl… The case was eventually dropped.

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6 “Survivor” is sued for fraud and manipulation

As a result of an out-of-court litigation, the former participant Survivor sued the show for fraud and manipulation. The lawsuit was based on the statement by Stacey Stillman that the producer of the show had a hand in getting her to be voted on. Coincidentally, one of the contestants approached to supposedly vote against Stacy came forward and shared his point of view, which helped Stacey’s case.

5 “Lost” is sued for storyline

The 2009 hit show Lost producer Anthony Spinner filed a lawsuit claiming he had his own ideas regarding a previously submitted storyline stolen by the network. His idea for the show, which also bore the name LOST, had a similar storyline and this led to him taking legal action. In fact, it was an idea that he proposed several times over the years. Like others on this list, this lawsuit was dismissed several years later.

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4 “Bachelor” sued for discrimination

Inclusion and representation are becoming more common these days, but they used to be that way. Bachelor a discrimination lawsuit was filed by two people who wanted to be on a hit show. The duo argued that “the show discriminates against people of color in both choosing the primary bachelor / ette and choosing the people he or she will have to choose from,” according to NPR… Their claim was rejected.

league show

I never heard of Commissioner? Well this show never got accepted, but Leaguethat was supposedly very similar was. Writers Joseph Balsamo and Peter Chiancarelli filed a lawsuit against the network, which said that both series featured “the reigning champion of the fantasy football league,” “groups of siblings that participate in the league,” and aspiring artists who go by their nicknames ” , and live aloof, not obsessing over the fantasy football league, “according to Wrapper

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2 Pawn Stars Sued Over Coin Collection

Guys on Pawn stars I’m no stranger to getting my hands on valuable merchandise, but when it came to the $ 50,000 coin collection, things got a little more complicated. The original owner ultimately sued them because the owner claimed that the coins were stolen from him and that the store melted the coins and could not get them back. In the end Pawnshop the guys came out unscathed.

one Bullerov was sued for allegedly copying someone’s script

Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg Ballers definitely made the headlines when the $ 200 million lawsuit was brought against him. Suit, according to Term, stated that “the stories, character traits, scenes and incidents depicted in the two works, Ballers and Off-seasonare virtually identical in many respects and strikingly similar. ” The case was eventually dropped.

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