These Iconic Music Videos Live Rent-Free in Our Minds Decades Later

With the birth of MTV The music video boomed.

From “Wannabes” to “Waterfalls”, groups of girls have long dominated the video scene, while pop icons such as Madonna And Lady Gaga Reshape yourself with great costumes, sex videos and great acting skills. Yes, Gaga became one. Oscar winner.! Who can forget the “telephone” music video, of which there is only one. Beyonc?

with. An American singer And Queen B lit up the cameras, the male music stars also made some famous successful films. We still can’t stop thinking. NSYNC“Goodbye Goodbye” single by No strings attached. Where a pop puppet boy takes control of the band, or Oh yesInspired by the comic book “Take on Me”, which is the default. Miracle Madness ویزر۔ Even covered the track, thanks to its popular video popularity.

Thankfully, we e! You can jam all your favorite hit movies during Core band collision., Organized by Stephen “Witch” boss., with Tough competitors Change your favorite celebrities for a cash prize.

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