These iconic TV shows were almost tainted by gruesome characters

There are so many aspects that are required to create a good show, one of which is the characters. Whether they are the antagonist, main character, or supporting character, these characters must be accepted by the public. Shows featuring great characters have a good chance of success.

Unfortunately, we saw some good shows with terrible characters, which caused huge problems with the fans. As great as these shows are, they missed out on names on this list.

Let’s take a look at some of the gruesome characters that ruined solid shows on the small screen.

eight Madison was a weak addition to “Orange Is The New Black”

Madison OITNB

Orange is the new black did so many things right while it was still streaming on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean there were no mistakes in the series. Madison is one of the most hated additions to the cast, and her character has definitely drawn the ire of the fandom while she was on the series. It was a tough break, but they can’t all be winners, even on a show that was as good as this.


7 Randy ruined the 70s show

Randy 70s Show

Let’s be honest, Randy wasn’t a good character, but he also appeared on the show under the worst of circumstances. This character was introduced after Topher Grace’s Eric Foreman left the series and Randy had to fill the void he left behind. As fans quickly realized, replacing the show’s host was nearly impossible, and Randy became an infamous figure in television history. Thankfully, he hasn’t damaged the show’s legacy as badly as some think.

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6 Ani was unbearable on 13 Reasons Why

Ani 13 reasons why

13 reasons why is a series that has received fair criticism and Ani’s inclusion is definitely one of them. It looks like she was given a lot of room to be the main character, despite not having a history with the rest of the series’ characters. It didn’t make much sense, and her character as a whole was just annoying on screen. Consider this a bad decision.

5 Will was the worst part of “Glee”

Will be happy

Is there anything negative that still needs to be said about this show? There was a lot Glee which undermined his legacy, Mr. Schuster remains one of the worst aspects of the show. In fact, fans on TikTok have turned to the app to constantly and cheerfully express their disgust at the teacher, played by actor Matthew Morrison.

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4 Nelly was brutal in the ‘office’

Nelly Bertram Office
Via Reddit

By this point, everyone knows that quality Office fell sharply in the course of the series, and this, of course, did not help such characters as Nellie were added to the mixture. While she has some moments that show her from a different perspective, overall she is extremely difficult to watch on screen. Seriously, she’s arguably the worst character on the show, and that says a lot.

3 Cousin Oliver is doomed

Cousin Oliver Brady Bunch

For those who did not grow up watching Brady Bunch, they might have no idea what Cousin Oliver had in mind for the show. This character is one of the most infamous in television history, as his presence on Brady Bunch in fact it was his death sentence. In fact, this terrible character has evolved his own path in the media. In the 90s, Leonardo DiCaprio, before becoming a star, played a similar role in Growing pain

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2 Sand snakes are poorly written in Game of Thrones

Sand snakes GOT

Sand Serpents are a trinity of terrible characters featured in Game of Thrones in what many continue to believe is the worst and most useless storyline in the history of the show. These characters could be cool if they were done differently, but they ended up being more annoying than anything else. Fans can accuse the author of hating the trio.

one Mark was a loser for ‘Parks And Rec’

Mark B. of Park and Rec

Unlike some of the other characters that have appeared on this list, we must include someone who has been on their show from the beginning. Mark was an insufferable character to look at Parks and Recreation Areasand it’s no secret that the show improved dramatically after his character finally hit the rocks. At the moment, it’s hard to go back to the show and re-watch the episodes he is in.

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