These luxury Amazon products will make you feel like British royalty

When the British royal family is in the spotlight, it’s easy to imagine yourself living the life of a prince or princess. Shows like Downton Abbey, Dragon House and Bridgerton don’t help either! 😂 They all have such beautiful clothes, accessories and palaces.

I know I’m unlikely to wake up tomorrow in a castle with all the luxury I’ve ever dreamed of, but a girl can dream. If you’re looking to bring that charming, gorgeous lifestyle into your home, I’ve put together a list of my favorite inexpensive items from Amazon. You might not have a castle, but you can get your hands on elegant satin pajamas, 24-carat gold face masks, and fine Windsor-worthy teas. Hope you enjoy these items inspired by British royalty!

You will love the products selected by our editor! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate and may receive a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Enjoy your single malt whiskey in these stylish Old fashioned whiskey glasses

by using Amazon

If you’ve ever wanted to discuss politics in your office like the kings of yesteryear, this is the best way to do it in 2022. All you need is a cigar, a map of the world, and these vintage glasses. Reviewers love these glasses for their vintage appeal and weight – they seem to be perfect for creating Old Fashion!

Luxurious Wine aerator and dispenser for your dining table

by using Amazon

An aerator and dispenser all in one? Wow, let’s talk about luxury living. If you don’t plan on going all the way and hiring a professional bottle supplier for every dinner party, this self-priming gadget is the best thing. It is rechargeable, easy to use and compatible with most standard bottle sizes.

You will want to stay in bed all day after you try this. Satin sheets

by using Amazon

These silky, cool sheets will feel SO good after a long day on their feet. Slip into bed with your favorite herbal tea for some alone time! Even the most sweaty husbands and enthusiastic pets won’t ruin your luxurious getaway – these sheets are chill-resistant and tear-resistant! Sorry, I’m adding this to the cart…

Get this pair Satin Silk Pajamas You always wanted!

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Real conversation: I’ve been craving a couple of these since the first time I saw The Princess Diaries 2 (if you know, then you know). There’s nothing like a bunch of mattress surfing princesses in stylish pajamas to inspire your next clothing obsession! If you want to feel like a part of a fairy tale every night, this is silky high-end fit won’t disappoint you. It is light and fresh, perfect for relaxing or sleeping on warm nights.

Turn boring tap water into a spa with this bath bombs

bath 1
by using Amazon

If you’re looking to emulate the palace lifestyle, here’s one tidbit of advice: royalty never impulse. Why rush into a five-minute shower when you can soak for an hour in bath smells like roses? Um, yes, I’ll take it with a glass of wine!

Replace your candles with this essential oil diffuser

by using Amazon

Candles are beautiful, but they burn out so quickly! After a few hours, many of mine simply stop working, usually due to a misplaced wick. BUT diffuser as it is a much better investment. It’s reusable, comes with seven different backlight color options, and helps add some moisture to the air (which should help keep your lungs clear overnight). It’s really easy to use! Just add water and your favorite essential oil.

Get the beautiful sleep you deserve with this Sleep mask

by using Amazon

While the royal family can look forward to quiet seaside cottages and private castles, the rest have to endure every little inconvenience of cramped city life. If headlights at 4 a.m. or your owl roommates are giving you a headache, consider taking one of these to block out the world. Available in over 10 different colors, these satin eye masks also pairs perfectly with your favorite pajamas and lingerie!

Eliminate Dark Circles & Puffiness With These Remedies 24 carat gold eye masks

gold mask
by using Amazon

I laughed when I first saw 24 carat gold mask. I thought, “They’re so redundant that they can’t possibly work.” Judging by the reviews, I was wrong and missed a lot. 😲 Buyer C. Blake was skeptical, as was I, but his experience with them completely changed his mind: “I took the risk of using them to get rid of dark circles / wrinkles / puffiness around the eyes, and it works! I am also 40 years old, but now I look much better rested and healthy. At first I was skeptical, but now they are just part of my evening routine. You must use them consistently, every night, and use them all. In the end, you will see that they really worked.” Wow, I think I’ll have to try these!

This Bidet nozzle Make your toilet look so trendy!

bidet 1
by using Amazon

All the best establishments have bidetand your home is no exception! When you add this bidet to your bathroom, you will give your family and guests a luxurious experience. I have used one and I can tell you from experience that it is worth it. It takes a little getting used to, but once you’re hooked, there’s no going back. For the cost of one 24 pack of bamboo toilet paper, you can ditch TP forever and enjoy the freshest ass of your life.

Only better Gold face serum for your spa day

by using Amazon

Nothing speaks of palatial luxury like daubing the skin with real gold. Apparently, a similar gold-based remedy was used by Cleopatra in ancient Egypt to maintain a radiant, flawless complexion. If you want to drown in jewels and opulence in the aesthetics of your next home spa session, be sure to take this. serum. It also contains all the other goodies you want: vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E cream.

Enjoy your own afternoon snack with Gourmet Tea Sample Box

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Bring some British Regency into your home by hosting afternoon tea. This isn’t your usual evening chamomile mug – I’m talking tiny sandwiches, scones, mini desserts, and your finest chinaware. Even if you don’t have a fancy three-tier display or sandwich ingredients on hand, there’s nothing stopping you from brewing some of this gourmet tea and enjoying a couple of chocolates with your loved ones. It will be even more fun if you dress for the occasion!

An Electric kettle with a magical surprise

22w default featured image

Tea Enthusiasts, You MUST Get This kettle! This review Laura speaks for itself: “THIS IS THE COOLEST KETTLE. Look, I bought this thing because I needed hot water and I needed it fast. Simple enough. He does it. It also makes it quieter than my previous kettle. But it’s not just some old ordinary kettle, my friend, oh no. Have you ever thought to yourself, boy, how I wish I had a mini ocean wave at home? NOW YOU CAN! Watching water boil through a glass lit with electric blue light was so breathtaking that my two roommates and I watched it in awe…and the ending? When it reaches boiling point, it looks like a MINIATURE TSUNAMI!!! Buy this electric kettle. Buy now.”

I just added these plush slippers to my wishlist

by using Amazon

Mom, if you’re reading this, THIS IS this is what I want for Christmas! 😍 They are so cute and would go especially well with a vintage robe. None of us should have to endure constant crumbs under our feet, not when there are gorgeous slippers like this one. They seem so soft too…

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