These Modern Family twins hated their time on the show

Popular sitcoms have long been a staple of television programming, and it’s amazing to see how this genre has evolved over the years. Yes, there will always be some similarities, but sitcoms can also be very different from each other. Seinfeld, for example, has little resemblance to Malcolm in the spotlight

During its existence on the air Modern family was one of the biggest shows on all television, raising the bar for other sitcoms of its era. Many actors seemed to enjoy their time on the show, but the young twins had a very different experience.


Let’s see why these young performers didn’t like their time on the popular show.

Modern Family was a hit for 11 seasons

In September 2009, a phenomenon known as Modern family debuted officially on ABC, and at the time, fans had no idea how massive the show would become for mainstream audiences. ABC has had great success over the years, but Modern family was able to give the network some kind of legit television that cannot be missed.

It stars such big names as Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen and many young talents. Modern family hit all the right notes and was able to reach audiences of all ages and walks of life. The show was a huge success for 11 seasons and is truly considered one of the best sitcoms of its era.

For the most part, it seems like the show’s host had a great time bringing the project to life. That doesn’t mean there was no stress behind the scenes, but overall it seems like the show would be nice to work on.

At the same time, there was a group of twins who were working on the show, and they had a bad time.

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Ella and Jaden Hillier played Lilly

Modern family Lily

The role of Lily was to be filled by a young performer, and in keeping with the true fashion of show business, this role was played by the twins. In this case, the roles were played by Ella and Jaden Hillier.

Talking about how his kids got cast for the show, father of the twins, Doug, said: “We saw ads on Craigslist. [classifieds website] were looking for identical Asian twin girls, so we sent in a photo and they were selected. It was crazy. “

And that’s how the twins were able to secure the concert. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a proper timing and weren’t paid well to be on set.

“The girls starred in 36 episodes over seasons 1 and 2 – they didn’t have an agent, so they got $ 200 per girl per day. All the money they made went to their college funds, ”said Michelle, their mother.

Despite the fact that he participates in such a popular show as Modern family Seemingly an incredible opportunity, the truth is, Ella and Jaden Hillier weren’t having much fun.

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As the twins’ personalities began to develop, their interest in the show dwindled.

Lily's modern family replacement

One of the good things about their parents being so attentive to what was happening was that the twins had the best chance of finding happiness, and not just suffering from negative emotions.

As their mother said, “In the middle of the second season, their personalities began to take shape, and it became clear to us that they didn’t like spending time on set. So we told the producers that the girls weren’t coming back. tried to make us change our minds, and they offered us more and more favorable terms. “

As the offers got better and better, at one point the twins were offered $ 34,000 per episode, which was a significant boost over what they had done before.

Despite this, the twins’ parents did not sacrifice their happiness for the almighty dollar. Instead, they were more than happy to let their children move on.

Quick check in IMDb shows that none of the twins have participated in anything since they Modern family… Clearly, these two didn’t like the aspects of show business that other people could tolerate, and so they left before something took too much of a toll on them.

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It is amazing to see that the parents of these young performers were on their side at such an early age, and it could save them from many problems in the future.

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