These popular TV shows were nearly wiped out by huge plot holes.

Plot holes in movies and major shows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and many can come and go relatively unnoticed. Some do not have much impact, but others can completely destroy the entire concept being implemented. Due to the large number of viewers, many large projects have errors that do not go unnoticed.

All of the plot holes on this list have been discovered on major shows and have completely surprised and confused people. Some of these plot holes have even disappointed some fans.

Let’s take a look at some of the main plot holes in popular shows.

eight Jake grew a beard despite saying he couldn’t

It must be one of the dumbest things that happened on the show, which really says a lot. Jake has been quite outspoken in the past about his inability to grow facial hair, and yet we end up seeing him with a thick beard. This is a really weird moment for anyone who took notice of his inability to grow facial hair, and he did take people by surprise, but not necessarily in a good way.


7 Orange is the New Black has an incredible timeline

At its peak, almost everyone loved the show and what it brought to the table. However, the timeline inconsistencies made the show unbearably confusing for many viewers. Some people didn’t pay attention to it, but others couldn’t help but notice that about the show simply couldn’t be happening at the same time.

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6 The elevator puzzle in The Big Bang Theory

This is one of the most incomprehensible and funniest plot holes, and the show itself was ready to play a trick on it. The mystery of the elevator and how it broke was a constant joke on the show, and it could only work like a joke because it made absolutely no sense. People tried to figure it out for a long time, but in the end the elevator was repaired.

5 Izzy’s brain tumor should have been discovered at some point

There are many holes in this show to poke through many elements, but this is something that has been troubling fans for a long time. Izzy is a doctor, she is surrounded by doctors, and she works in a hospital. How had her brain tumor gone unnoticed for so long? She had symptoms and all. And for that matter, Amelia’s brain tumor was a pretty big hole in the plot, too.

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4 Pam Beazley is either a volleyball dynamo or a good liar

This is something that has bothered fans of the show for so long, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Pam is pretty outspoken about the fact that she did her best not to play volleyball back in high school, and yet, as the show goes on, it is revealed that she is actually incredible at and plays volleyball. for years. So what is it?

3 Which “friend” is actually the youngest?

There are a lot of holes in the show, but because he’s so beloved and so funny, most people tend to just ignore a lot of them. Figuring out the exact ages of each member of the show is nearly impossible, as their ages seem to change to match the story. At some point, it seems that Joey is the youngest, and yet he turns 30 years earlier than the other members of the group.

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2 Arya Stark somehow survived being stabbed

Plot armor is very relevant in series such as Game of Thronesand this particular plot hole is a perfect example of that. People who are stabbed in the show do not survive in many cases, and yet, Arya is stabbed in his ability to travel ridiculous lengths to return to safety. She even swam in dirty sewage and had absolutely no consequences.

one Who stars in Parks and Recreation Areas?

This is what is directly addressed Officeand many speculated that this would happen on the show as well. Who is filming the series? Why is the show being filmed? What exactly is going on here? It is never really seen, and it makes the whole series really weird in hindsight.

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