These were Bill Maher’s best guests in real time

The great talk show guest takes up the established show without breaking the rules of its world. They must match the format. And the Real Time With Bill Maher format is extremely specific. It is an interview show, political chat show and comedy show at the same time. While this seems flexible to everyone, it really isn’t. The guest must have certain qualities in order to match him. But this does not mean that Bill has the same personality only in real time. Not at all. In fact, he has one of the most dynamic and interesting guest groups on all television.

Some of Bill’s best guests have been on the show many times. Others were only once and they left their mark. Each of these guests contributed to Real Time something truly memorable, funny, interesting or controversial. They can be from the realm of show business, philosophy, literature, comedy, music or, of course, politics, but they made Real Time truly unforgettable.

14 Sam Harris

The neuroscientist, philosopher, author and podcast host has become one of the most beloved and sought-after intellectuals of his time. And there is no doubt that some of his success came after his first few appearances on Real Time with Bill Maher. Certainly, his argument about religion with a very grumpy Ben Affleck attracted media attention. While this definitely pushed some people away from Sam, it also made him a truly subtle and bold voice in an intellectual environment. On top of that, Sam makes great television.


thirteen Donna Brasile

Former DNC head and political strategist Donna Brasile is one of Real Time’s best regulars. First, she has a wealth of information and, thanks to her time on CNN, is a brilliant speaker. But she’s also downright funny and fun to watch. Especially when she’s openly flirting with Bill Maher on the air. Usually he doesn’t know what to do with her flirting, but Donna makes it clear that she likes him somewhere in each of her many appearances.

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12 Ann Coulter

Without a doubt, Ann Coulter is one of the most hated political commentators and TV presenters. She is simultaneously disliked by those on the left and those on the right, the latter believe that she leaves them a bad reputation. But Bill Maher is actually friends with her in real life and is happy to provide her with a platform. While Bill makes it clear that he disagrees with everything she is told, he knows that she makes good television. And the audience knows this too, because they clearly like to hate her.

eleven Michael Steele

Bill always wants to have someone on his group who can make a legitimate argument for the other side. While former RNC chairman Michael Steele may currently be a unicorn on the other side, he still offers a more balanced conservative voice to the group.

10 Seth MacFarlane

The Family Guy creator is especially observant when it comes to people and society in general. This is one of the reasons why all of his animation shows are so beloved … and so damn funny. Without wasting a second, he accurately sheds light on the truth behind everything we see and touch. Sometimes with precision like Nostrodamos. He even predicted the fall of Harvey Weinstein. So naturally he’s a good guest for Bill Maher. But Seth also showed audiences in real time that he is a political addict and can indeed speak, but is sometimes interrupted by his voice by Stewie Griffin.

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9 Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan of Weekly Dish is one of the longest serving live guests. According to The New York Times, he is also one of the most influential journalists of the past three decades. Some consider it controversial, others are impressed by the many seemingly contradictory ideas.

eight Ben Shapiro

For many, Ben Shapiro is one of the most controversial figures in the intellectual environment. For others, he is a keen voice of reason. Bill Maher seems to have a lot of disagreements with Ben, but he always greets him as he never wants to end the debate. Ben clearly appreciates this and is happy to share his incredibly impressive debating skills with Bill and his more center-left audience.

7 Howard Stern

Few of Bill Maher’s guests received plaudits like Howard Stern when he debuted live in 2019 to promote his book Howard Stern Comes Again. The reason Howard was one of Bill’s best guests is because he did what he always did … flip the switch and was in complete control of the situation. It may have been Bill’s show, but Howard is the king of all media. He asks questions, but is always ready to be unwaveringly honest.

6 Michael Eric Dyson

When it comes to the civil rights world, Michael Eric Dyson is one of the biggest names out there. He is also one of Bill Maher’s most frequent and best guests.

5 Quentin Tarantino

The director of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Bill Maher’s excellent guest for obvious reasons. He is one of the most sought-after directors of his generation and inspires fans like no other. This is partly due to the fact that a man can speak. He’s always entertaining, even when he speaks like his lips are tired, with two Lamborghinis at top speed. But Quentin is also really a politician. Not only was he involved in controversy with the police after opposing their treatment of people of color, but he was also a free speech advocate during the era of the awakening.

4 Michael Moore

Michael Moore is not only the most influential liberal documentary filmmaker, but also a personal friend of Bill. Their conversations are always lively, informative, and they are not afraid to challenge each other, especially on the topic of religion.

3 Jim carrey

Jim is another celebrity who can talk to Bill about politics. But the reason he was such a wonderful guest is because of his ability to be deeply inspiring and incredibly funny.

2 Jordan Peterson

There is no real-time interview on Youtube that gets as many views as the one featuring Jordan Peterson… The author and intellectual is considered one of the most influential people of our time. At the same time, his views deserved a lot of criticism. However, he is a master speaker, asks interesting and thought-provoking questions, and is completely unafraid of any comments he comes across. Unsurprisingly, he worked so well alongside Bill.

one Barack Obama

Bill Maher has spent years trying to bring former President Barack Obama to his show. Unfortunately, Bill Maher only lasted until the end of his presidential term. But the interview was worth the wait. Bill even got the former president into talking about atheism, a topic that presidents try to avoid.

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