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It’s been just over two years since the untimely and premature death of rapper Juice Wrld, who died of a drug overdose just six days after his 21st birthday. Born Jarad Anthony Higgins in Chicago, Illinois, Juice Wrld rose to fame in 2018 with his debut album. Goodbye and deliverance and followed only five months later with debut number two World of drugs, a collaborative EP recorded with Future. Late last year, when he would have turned 23, fans had the opportunity to celebrate Juice’s life with the release of an album. Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss, a documentary about the life and death of the rapper.

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Juice Wrld had a short career before his death, starting to release music just three years before his death, but his influence both on his peers and on the music industry as a whole did not go unnoticed. Juice has collaborated with dozens of famous rappers and singers throughout his career, releasing over 130 chart-topping singles, most with other artists, including some of the biggest names in music such as The Weeknd, Eminem and Maroon 5. But his friendship with his musical peers survived after his death. The Juice Wrld estate has released two posthumous albums and several collaborations, allowing him to remain at the top of the charts even after his death, while many of his famous friends continue to publish tributes to Juice for two years after his death.

7 Halsey got a tattoo in honor of

The singer “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” Halsey had such a close relationship with the rapper that her tribute is forever imprinted on her skin. Halsey and Juice wrote several songs together, including the posthumous release “Life’s A Mess”, which Halsey received the title. ink on her hand to celebrate the life of her friend… After the release of the single, she took to Instagram and called Juice “one of the greatest people I’ve ever known and one of the most brilliant artists we’ve ever seen.” Two friends previously worked on a remix of Halsey’s number one single “Without Me” in 2019, and Halsey covered Juice’s “Lucid Dreams” in 2018.


6 XXXTentacion and Juice have never met

Juice and X last spoke on Facetime, where they planned to meet in real life after making friends on social media and texting. X was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in June 2018. Juice released a two-track album the next day. Too soon .. A commemorative EP dedicated to both X and rapper Lil Peep, who died a year earlier. On the cover of the EP was a screenshot from a conversation between friends.

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5 Ellie Goulding wanted to know everything about the rapper

Ellie Goulding first heard Juice’s “Lucid Dreams” and was immediately intrigued. “When I first heard Lucid Dreams, I thought, ‘Who is this?’ And I don’t often have that moment with artists,” the singer said to “Love Me Like You Do”. They eventually teamed up and recorded the song “Hate Me” together. “(I) was just looking forward to this song that will connect me to him forever. Whenever you do a collaboration, you are connected forever, ”Goulding told ABC News.I would like to spend more time with him.

4 Ski Mask Recession God Lost Juice Shortly After XXX

Juice and Ski Mask The Slump God have been close friends and collaborators since meeting in early 2018. The couple constantly hyped each other up on IG’s live stream and started working together. Death race for love in 2019. Two friends worked together on a mixtape called Evil twins until the death of Juice, which has yet to be released. Following his friend’s death, Ski Musk posted a series of heartbreaking tweets, writing, “They can’t keep taking my brothers away from me,” referring to both Juice and X.

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3 Benny Blanco knew how talented Juice was

Songwriter and producer Benny Blanco discovered Juice on Instagram and was amazed at his talent. “He hears one second of the beat, gets into the game, and not only comes up with the lyrics and melody, but he sings the entire song in one go,” Blanco recalls. “And he did three more takes and three more hits on the same beat. And then he simply said, “Pick the best games that you like.” Blanco and Juice recorded eight songs in their first session together, and Blanco was overwhelmed by the talent. “And it wasn’t like he had stupid lyrics – his shit made you feel something.” The two stayed close, recording the most music in just a month before his death.

2 G Herbo was amazed at how Humble Juice survived

Longtime friend and colleague of the Chicago rapper. G Herbo was equally fascinated by Juice when he first heard him sing. “When I first heard his music, it was just crazy,” he said. “One of the hardest shit I’ve ever heard from a kid.” G. Herbaugh described his friend as a humble man who never exercised the power he created thanks to his talent and his career. “The influence he left on the world is crazy. Only he could do it. I’ve never seen anything like it. This is because of the work he did when he was here. “

one Baby LAROI lived with the late rapper

Kid Laray was Juice’s mentor when he supported him on his Australian tours in 2018 and 2019. continue living with the late rapper in Los Angeles, find out how the studio works and the recording process. Two singles featuring friends were released after Juice’s death, and Lara took to Instagram to remember their friendship. “[i]It’s been a little over 6 months since you were gone, and it still doesn’t seem right, ”Lara wrote in her signature. “[b]even before we met, you were my favorite artist, and I still think every day how great it was that I had a damn close family with my idol. “

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