This 2-year-old looks exactly like Antonio from Encanto

“I think there is power in a positive presentation. It is important that he sees images that reflect him. “

Encanto this is the last Disney animated film that people can’t stop admiring.

Between songs that never get out of my head, a discussion about how exactly they represent the struggles of the first generation, and memorable characters (hello Bruno), it’s an instant, timeless hit. But most importantly, the film enables a new generation of children to see themselves.

And that’s where 2-year-old Kenzo Brooks comes in. He recently went viral after his mom, Kakheisha Brand, took photographs showing the uncanny resemblance between her son and Antonio in the film. She originally posted pictures on Kenzo’s Instagram. @KatchingUpWithKenzo with hashtag #representationmattersand they have since spread across all social media like wildfire.

Kaheisha told that she took these photos while watching a movie with the family overnight. Encanto… She said, “The picture of him sitting and looking was actually the first picture I took. He seemed to be delighted. He looked at the screen and turned, smiling. we smile. “

She continued, “It was so sweet, so beautiful! My heart smiled when I saw how happy he was. “

The family loves what Encanto represents, and like all of us, music is constantly playing in their head. “We LOVED the variety of characters, hair textures and skin tones! And, of course, music. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” lives in our heads for free. “

Kakheisha knows the power of showing Kenzo more films in which he can see himself in a positive light. She said, “I think there is power in a positive presentation. It is important that he sees images that reflect him. I am grateful for the creativity behind this film and for the variety between black and brown characters. “

Since then, every corner of the Internet has celebrated Kenzo’s joy and the family has felt love. Kaheisha said, “I know what this meant for our family, but the reaction we got was completely unexpected. There was an outpouring of love. … Representation matters. “

Twitter: @Whats__GoodSon

She concluded by saying, “It makes us feel good as a family. We’re so passionate about performance and equality for the black and brown community. ” Thank you for sharing your excitement with the world, Kenzo, and we hope more children can continue to see more positive self-images in the future.

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