This audience member punched Keanu Reeves during a live TV interview

There is a reason that Graham Norton is quite a wealthy man, in truth, he knows how to conduct interviews. The host is great at finding information while maintaining a lighthearted relationship with celebrities and showcasing their softer side and sense of humor.

The host had so many memorable moments along the way, like Seth Rogen showed that he can’t stand his mom’s fake tattoo.

As we will discuss in a moment, the host had other memorable moments as well.

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This one in particular took place alongside the legend itself, Keanu Reeves… Norton went to ask the audience a specific question, and that’s when the memorable moment was about to happen.

In truth, it wasn’t embarrassing and felt like a great live moment.

The Graham Norton Show is known for its outrageous moments

There are never really boring moments. ‘The Graham Norton Show ”… The host knows how to make his guests feel comfortable and show their light sides.

The list of the show’s memorable moments is truly endless, heck, some celebrities have even admitted to being in love with the show! Who can forget Emilia Clarke, who confessed that she fell in love with Matt LeBlanc in his days on “Friends’. Making things a lot more memorable, Matt sat next to her during the interview. It was a very enjoyable moment!

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The opposite end of the spectrum is also faithful, as there were some awkward moments too, given how unpredictable the show can be at times.

Mark Wahlberg’s interview went all the way south after the guest seemed to be drinking too much. It was obvious given his words and actions, especially around Sarah Silverman.

Speaking of embarrassment, how about the time Mark Ruffalo revealed he never looked?Friends‘before, only to be met by David Schwimmer with a completely blank face …

This particular moment next to Keanu Reeves is somewhere in between.

A fan mentioned that she never had to kiss Keanu Reeves

The conversation began completely innocently as Graham Norton walked into the crowd, asking the audience what they had never done before.

The answers at that time were completely random, until one woman decided to shoot. When asked what she had never done before, the woman replied, “I have never kissed Keanu Reeves.”

The audience loved the moment, and Graham Norton replied, “Nice try honey, and you never get it.”

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A classic Keanu Reeves, he just silently watched the whole process, looking a little shy and reserved as usual. It was an amazing moment of lighthearted nature that the fans completely ate.

The videos are totally adored by fans on Youtube, over 1.5 million viewers are clicking to tune in and see how it went.

The fans had a lot to share about the trials and what happened. In truth, there was a lot of praise not only for Keanu Reeves, but also for Graham Norton and how he handled the situation.

According to fans, Graham Norton and Keanu Reeves had a moment with the class

Yes, Keanu Reeves was his usual stylish person at that moment. However, fans also praised host Graham Norton for keeping things in order and in the moment, as things could easily take an awkward turn. Fans praised the host for his professionalism.

“Can we do justice to the great master Graham Norton? He answered this question so well and completely freed Keanu from responsibility and did not put him in a difficult position, but did it in such a way as not to shame or embarrass the young woman. It was done expertly. “

“Norton is the undisputed king of talk shows of all time. He has an innate ability to calm his guests down to tell the audience funny and personal things. “

Of course, as usual, fans also fully approved of Keanu and his involvement during the chat.

“He’s so shy! Keanu is the embodiment of a handsome gentleman with a heart of gold! “

“Keanu Reeves is probably the nicest person in Hollywood, but if it hurts, it’s a dog, it will end badly for you.”

“Keanu is what all stars should be … not imagining himself, but just a down-to-earth guy who’s also a good guy.”

A great moment that was handled by all participants at the highest level.

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