This contestant tried to hit Gordon Ramsay live

In whatever area, in the entertainment world, things can be heating up very quickly.

In the world of radio, Howard Stern has fought several times with his co-workers. It’s the same with films: in the past we’ve seen film partners like Shia LaBeouf and Alec Baldwin warm up.

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The reality TV world is no different, especially given its unpredictability.

Despite the fact that Gordon Ramsay was able to amass a net worth of $ 220 million, there was a lot of struggle and controversy on all of his shows, whether “Hell’s Kitchen‘ or ‘Kitchen nightmares‘.


Throughout this article, we’ll look at some of the chef’s most embarrassing situations, as well as a scenario that nearly ended in physical abuse with a chef named Amanda.

This was not the first time Gordon Ramsay nearly made it onto national television.

As we all already know, Gordon Ramsay has had some difficult moments with others in the past. Be it on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ with the contestants or on ‘Kitchen nightmares’ with restaurant owners, in many cases, things became very inconvenient.

Beginning with ‘Hell’s Kitchen‘the closest to a physical confrontation occurred with participant Joseph, who was simply asked about the candidates and why … the whole trial became vicious when Joseph refused to directly answer the question.

This will cause the participant to hit the chef in the face and say, “I’m not a bitch.”

He continued to tell Ramzi: “Let’s go out into the street.”

Obviously, the contestant was kicked out of the show, and, surprisingly, Ramsay kept his cool all this time.

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This was far from the last time, since on ‘Kitchen nightmares’… In particular, in one of them, Ramsay interrogated the owner for keeping the tip. The owner fought back aggressively, telling the chef, “I’m a gangster, not you,” and punched him in the face.

In truth, there have been so many other similar moments in the history of the show.

In terms of participants who did exercise with a chef, in one trial, an older woman actually swung at Gordon.

Exhausted member Amanda tried to punch Gordon Ramsay in the face, although he was able to catch it

The atmosphere in the kitchen was tense and tired. It became obvious that something bad was coming.

It all started with the fact that Ramsay called the chef Amanda, instead of coming up, she just looked at Gordon from afar.

Ramsay said, “Would you like to come,” but Amanda replied, “Not particularly.”

It was then that Amanda’s tirade began as she rant about atmosphere and fatigue factor given the crazy hours. Then everything changed when Ramsay stated, “You feel better shouting in front of everyone, showing off.”

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At that moment, she completely lost him, swinging at Ramsay and saying: “How the hell dare you.” Ramsay quickly grabbed her fist, telling her not to raise her hands, although she would nevertheless continue. Fortunately, the rest of the chefs intervened, defusing the situation.

It was a fiery moment, and as we shall see, there is much more to come in the future.

The clip was watched by almost half a million fans, and for the most part people praised Ramsay for his reaction to the meeting.

Fans praised Gordon Ramsay for his unexpected reaction to the situation

Gordon Ramsay himself has a hot temper, which is pretty obvious, especially considering his behavior over the years.

However, in this particular situation, fans couldn’t believe how calm the chef was throughout the ordeal, keeping his composure and not lashing out.

“I love the way she tried to hit him, but it’s the calmest and cutest sight I’ve ever seen with an adult lol.”

“I like it when someone tries to hit him, he is in the most relaxed state.”

“It’s so ironic how calm he is when someone tries to attack him but loses his balls if someone accidentally makes a mistake in the kitchen.”

“The nuclear bomb falls down, Gordon just grabs the tip with his hand and says DON’T BE STUPID! And throws it into space. “

“I always thought he was trying to be cool. I just realized that he is actually one of them. The dude has a black belt in karate and is also a trained boxer. Crap”.

Nothing but praise from fans for his temperament in this situation.

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