This controversial moment was the most delayed in the history of cinema.

Even at 60, Sharon Stone continues to amaze fans with her ageless appearance. In truth, the Hollywood star is much more than just good looks. Her IQ is rumored to be as high as 154, which most of us can only dream of.

During her career, the actress has experienced several memorable roles. However, one in particular will always be a topic of conversation, and this is her time in ‘The basic Instinct’. While the role is memorable, there was a lot of fighting behind the scenes.


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We’ll look back at how this whole ordeal unfolded, as well as look at other memorable moments for which fans hit the pause button.

Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High Was One of the Most Stopped Moments in History

Required has compiled a list of some of the most viewed pause moments. There were a few memorable scenes that made the list, a couple of hot natures. Among the best were scenes with Phoebe Cates in “Fast Times in Ridgemont High‘.

The actress was the talk of the 80s, especially after she emerged from the pool in a catchy red bikini. The VHS generation would often hit the pause button over and over again during this scene.

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Other notable moments of the pause include “Three men and a baby, during a certain scene, which seems like the ghost lingered on the boy. It turns out that it was just a cardboard cutout that someone accidentally left on the set.

Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope also made the list of hilarious moments when the stormtrooper hit his head.

Hell, even Jessica Rabbit made the list, something Disney probably not everyone that is thrilled with.

Of course, all these moments were memorable in their own way, but one will forever remain alone among the elite and, in truth, one of the most memorable scenes in the history of cinema.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct wins top award for interrogation scene

It really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as the 1992 film.The basic Instinct’ was a true classic, having already achieved success, grossing $ 352 million at the box office.

Of course, in the scene we’re talking about, Sharon Stone crosses her legs, leaving a lot to the imagination of moviegoers around the world.

While the scene was memorable, Stone was hurt off-screen. Sure, the film changed her career, but the backstage was pretty exhausting and she struggled with the idea of ​​the scene, as she shared with Indie Wire.

– Well, that was my first thought. Then I thought a little more. What if I were a director? What if I got that shot? What if I received it on purpose? Or by chance? What if he just existed? There was something to think about. I knew what kind of film I was making. For God’s sake, I fought for this role, and all this time only this director stood up for me. “

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Although the scene was filmed the way it was, there was much controversy when she was finally able to see it.

There was a lot of controversy behind the scenes between Sharon Stone and the director during the filming of the scene.

Backstage, Stone was not too happy with the way the scene turned out. At first she was told that nothing would be visible. However, when she watched this scene, it was completely different.

Stone was furious and immediately confronted the director.

“I walked over to the projection booth, hit Paul in the face, left, went to my car and called my lawyer Marty Singer. Marty told me that they cannot release this film as it is. So I can get an injunction. First, it would have given the movie an X rating at the time. Remember, this was 1992, not now that we see erect penises on Netflix. And as Marty said, according to the Screen Actors Guild, my union, it was illegal to put my dress up that way. Wow, I thought. “

This was just the beginning of problems for Stone, who was also encouraged to have an intimate relationship with her co-star in real life so that the scene could seem more authentic.

Of course, this gave a lot of memorable moments, but Stone had a very hard time.

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How much did Sharon Stone get paid for Basic Instinct?

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