This ‘CSI’ has the highest net worth of Starcast.

American crime drama. CSI First aired on CBS Network in 2000. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Elite Forensic Evidence Investigators.

Although some CSI The cast members have already made a name for themselves in the industry before the show, for others, it was a launching pad for their careers. The show has been picked up by CBS for a sequel based on San City. CSIVegas was recently released with the addition of a few new faces. In addition to the show’s huge global success and awards, it has also helped bring multi-millionaires out of its cast. That’s how much they’ve collected.

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John Welner – 3 million

Beginning his career in 1997, John Wheeler starred in several successful films before joining the film. CSI Henry Andrews, team as a toxicologist in 2005. Initially, his character only made special appearances but later became a regular character in Season 13. Total value 3 million.

Georgia Fox – 6 million

Beginning his career in 1989, Georgia Fox played a breakout role in the NBC medical drama portraying Dr. Maggie Doyle. ER. Shortly afterwards, he began embracing more characters in the film. Hungarian Bachelors Club, Down with Jones, Accidental icon: real gadget story, And Lion wrestling. Fox’s talents are not limited to acting, as he is also a film producer and human rights activist dedicated to the human rights campaign since the age of 19. Total value $ 6 million which he earned through acting and endorsement.

Eric Samanda – 8 million

In his first television appearance, Eric Samanda starred in the hit series, Net, A show based on a 1995 film of the same name. Samanda reprized her role. CSI Greg Sanders, DNA specialist for two consecutive seasons. However, the star managed to impress the fans with her acting power and she was made a permanent character in the show. Although he has appeared in many other projects, but his role CSI Undoubtedly, it was a major breakout for his career. He has an idea. Total value $ 8 million.

Robert David Hall – 8 million

Robert David Hall is one of the few people who had to re-introduce his role in the long running show. He plays Dr. Albert Robbins, the chief medical examiner. CSI Team Hall has been in the acting industry since 1983 and has acted in many films. GI Joe: Revenge of the Cobra. And My father’s house.

In the few years of his career, Hall suffered a horrific car accident that resulted in an explosion that took both of his legs. However, the blow did not stop the star, as he went on to record even more successes in his career. Since then, the hall has featured in a few shows and movies. Starship Troopers, life goes on. And Exercise And all of her characters have shared her disability. The star is doing very well for himself at the moment, as he estimates. Able $ 8 million.

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Paul Gelfile – 18 18 million

Introducing the character of Detective Jim Brass. CSIPaul Gelfoil appeared on the show for 14 consecutive seasons, before leaving the franchise. The show helped raise اہم 18 million. Total valueYou can also tag your successful career in the gallophile industry with some of your other credits. Some of which are included. Air Force 1, Secret Agent Man, Exile: A Law and Order Movie, And Beverly Hills Police.

Marg Halgen Burger – 32 million.

While he stepped into the industry with his role in the daytime soap opera., Ryan’s hope.Marg Helgen Burger has been involved in the entertainment industry for over three decades. She photographed Catherine Willows. CSI Seasons 1 through 12, as a guest star before re-enacting his role in seasons 14 and 16. In 2005, Helgen Burger won. People’s Choice Award., Establishing it as a force in the industry. Although he has made money from other acting projects, it is undeniable that his salary is $ 390,000. CSI It was a big part of raising 32 million. Total value.

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William Peterson – 40 million

William Peterson became famous in the film industry for his portrayal of Gul Grasim. CSI Season 1 to 9 and return permanently for guest appearances. The star is also featured in several other films. To live and die in LA, Young Guns, returning to the lonely dove, And Finding a friend to end the world.. However, her expensive lifestyle and wealth can easily be linked to a کے 600,000 charge per installment for her role. CSI Patterson’s assessment is currently underway. Able $ 40 million.

Ted Dennison – $ 80 million.

Shortly after William Peterson’s exit from Season 9, popular setcom actor Ted Dennison joined. CSI As DB Russell in Season 12, the main character in the show. As one of the most famous television stars of the 80’s and 90’s, Danson has managed to achieve something amazing. Total value 80 million. Although Danson has acted in many films, a large part of his fortune has come from earning $ 500,000 per installment. Very good. While it was at its peak. The star also received a salary of two and a half million dollars for his role. CSI.

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