This Dancing with the Stars spin-off ended in failure

Reality shows are one of the most popular genres on the small screen, and there is legitimately a show for everyone. Shows how Bachelor and Welcome to Plathville are examples of shows that are very different from each other, and yet they both managed to find huge audiences during their time on television.

Dancing with the Stars has been a huge hit since its debut, but when the show decided to go and try a spin-off, it ended with a spectacular ball drop. Unfortunately, few people actually remember that failed show.


Let’s take a closer look at the unsuccessful Dancing with the Stars a spin-off that debuted many years ago.

“Dancing with the Stars” – the mainstay of the TV channel, which will not go anywhere

In what has truly been one of the most successful competition shows of all time, Dancing with the Stars is a show that’s no stranger to generating impressive ratings on the small screen. Over time, the show has managed to attract some really big names to support its lineup, and this has been instrumental in keeping people interested in each new season.

The premise is simple and easy to understand, and it’s really amazing to see how much progress these stars can make during their time on the show. He revitalized people’s careers and mapped other names.

Season 30 is just around the corner and it goes without saying that Dancing with the Stars has an amazing legacy in television. It also produced a disastrous spin-off show that fans have completely forgotten about.

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“Skating with the Stars” was an escape attempt

Even before Riding with the stars figure skating successor DWTS, made his official debut on the small screen, it became clear that he would have serious problems with public acceptance. The venue should have sounded familiar enough, but the figure skating show didn’t help much to become a hit like its predecessor. One such problem was the names associated with it.

As Today noted: “The problem with Ice Skating is the participants, both among the participants and among the professional skaters. Everyone in it falls into at least one of two categories: “Who is this? »And” Who cares? ” Reality shows thrive on giving the public someone to root for or against. There is no Bristol Palin, Kate Gosselin or Chad Ochochinko here. “

“Instead… well, look at your celebrities: we have actresses Sean Young and Rebecca Badig, actor Brandon Michal Smith, ‘the real housewife’ Bethenny Frankel, Olympic skier Johnny Moseley and Vince Neil of Motley Crue. It worked well in Dancing, but only in the sense that Tofurki can be compared to a Thanksgiving turkey dinner if you close your eyes and try not to think too much about it, ”the site continues.

Till Today really noticed that figure skating itself attracts millions of viewers on a global scale, it will be difficult for people to invest in shows with such pedestrian movements on ice. However, the network gave him the best shot from the show.

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After the debut, “Figure Skating with the Stars” hit the ratings

Skating with the stars

As expected by many, Rolling with the stars fell on his face when he debuted on the small screen. In short, he was not a worthy successor Dancing with the Starsand virtually no one has spoken about this show since its debut.

The show was able to gain about 10 million viewers for its debut episode, but things quickly subsided from that point on. Unfortunately, this meant the show’s doom, despite the fact that the members did their best every week while the show stayed on the air.

As Series finale noted: “Will Rolling with the stars return for season two? Never. Based on these numbers, the CEOs of the chain probably couldn’t wait for the show to end. If not for the holiday season and the constant competition, they would have canceled it a few weeks ago. This is a huge disappointment in the ratings. “

Turns out the site was correct and the show would have been taken off the air for ABC… There wasn’t a big announcement for that, and in truth it wasn’t necessary. People just didn’t care.

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Rolling with the stars made a courageous effort, but nothing came of it. Oh, Rebecca Badig won the show’s only season. WHO? Exactly.

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