This DC villain wants to play another version of the Joker

The Corinthian from Netflix’s The Sandman is one of the show’s creepiest characters – he’s a total nightmare, after all. Boyd Holbrook lends an undeniable yet chilling allure to his portrayal of the villain based on the DC comics character Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman of the same name.

In an interview with Men’s healthHolbrook revealed that he might be interested in adding another, even bigger enemy of comics to his resume. “I think now that we’re talking about the Joker…it seems like this character is endlessly interesting to reincarnate,” he said. “Sometimes the anchor is fun, but usually playing the supporting characters is really cool. There are just more keys on the keyboard.”

At this point, it seems like Holbrook just cited the Joker as a specific example when asked about a role he could play. However, with his success as a Corinthian under his belt, as well as his previous supervillain experience playing Pierce in 2017’s Logan, perhaps someone out there is taking interesting notes on learning he might like to explore the Joker. because Well.

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